Fashion Knitted Scarf

Product Details

Fashion Knitted Scarf

Quick Details
1.Composition: 100% Acrylic 

4.Color:Multi colored
5.MadeTech:yarn dye

1.Soft and Comfortable
2.Different colors
4.Sedex Certification
5. The First ODM or OEM Supplier

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: Inner packing:1pc/opp, Outer packing:80-100pcs/carton.
Delivery Detail: 35-45 days after all details are confirmed


When using a Fashion Knitted Scarf, everyone should choose according to their personal temperament, skin color, fat and thin body, body size, shoulder width, and clothing, so as to achieve the effect of avoiding shortness and beautiful appearance.

A look at the clothing department scarf should be based on the overall clothing. In terms of fashion style, when wearing more serious clothes, it is better to wear a traditional patterned scarf; when wearing fashionable clothes, a modern patterned scarf is used. However, those who are quiet and temperament should choose an elegant small pattern scarf; the character is lively, and the large pattern scarf is more suitable.

Second, look at the skin color, white, with light blue, light wheat red, apple green, lemon yellow, carefully choose a scarf with strong color. If the skin color is not white, you should use Brazilian yellow, dark beige, deep iron ash, etc., with light shades. Women with yellowish skin should avoid purple and yellow. Choose a white, blue, and green scarf to make their face look white under the scarf.