Cashmere Scarf Sale

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Quick Details:

1.Composition:100% Acrylic
5.Made Tech:wowen


1. Cashmere is the root of wool and the fluff above the skin is called cashmere. It is a very precious textile material with low content, high quality and high price.

2. The Cashmere Scarf Sale has the fine characteristics of softness, softness and smoothness. The silky soft and natural luster has a charming appeal.

3. The fineness of cashmere fiber is about 15 microns, so the texture of the fabric is dense and thin, and it has natural curl, light and air, so it has good warmth.

4. Comfortable and flexible, the cashmere scarf has good moisture absorption and breathability. It is comfortable around the neck, with a unique touch and rich natural flavor.

5. Cashmere scarves can promote hair follicle activity, stimulate blood circulation, and help reduce fatigue and health.

Cleaning process:

1. Put the cashmere scarf into the warm water basin. You can't have a cashmere scarf.

2. Pour a little (normal amount of our shampoo) our daily shampoo.

3. Pry the shampoo and gently press on the cashmere scarf for a few times.

4. Wash off the shampoo on the cashmere scarf with water. Wrap it in a towel and put it in the washing machine.

5. Take out and pour it out, preferably on the bed, because the cashmere scarf is almost dry at this time.

6. The woven scarf has a long suede. We call Changshun, and the direction of the tip of the velvet is toward the tassel side of the scarf. After washing, brush with a brush on the suede in the direction of the tip of the velvet, it will be beautiful. Some, the lines are also good, and vice versa is as ugly as the long weeds on the scarf. After the brush is smooth, it can also be ironed with an iron, but in the direction of the tip of the hair.