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New Trend of domestic printing and dyeing fabrics

Aug 29, 2015

The next five years, the general trend of printing product development is ecological, stylish, comfortable, healthy, functional, environmentally friendly and harmonious development of the environment; to carry less water in dry machining, enhance resource recycling, adhere to sustainable development direction; application of new fiber materials and raw materials and high-tech means of environmentally friendly dye additives diversified portfolio, independent innovation, implementation of the "scientific concept of development", "taking a new road to industrialization," printing and dyeing industry to achieve structural adjustment and industrial upgrade.

ยท Ecology: highlighting the traditional printing natural fiber fabric and intertwined ultrafine (cotton / linen, cotton / silk, silk / linen, silk / wool, etc.) and renewable natural fiber fabrics industrial applications (Tencell, Richcel, soy, milk, bamboo fiber, polylactic acid fiber, etc.)

Fashion: projecting a sense of relief (through yarn, organizational design and finishing a means to: wrinkles, ginning suede, embroidery (dig embroidery, embroidery paste), burnt-out, jacquard, etc.), gloss (metallic jacquard, inlaid sequins, diamond printing, etc.), a transparent thin and thick rough sense of elegant sense of overlap shine, full of colors and patterns regional customs (refreshing light pink, camel, orange, green; warm yellow, blue, red, purple).