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Scarves material which is better?

Aug 29, 2015

Scarf made depending on the type of material, and the braid knitting method is different, woven into the pattern after the knitting vary, also very different look and feel. These have determined the scarf feel, texture, weight, and tension. Moreover, there are various different scarves Maintenance. Therefore, prior to the selection of scarves scarves best to have some knowledge of the material.

Silk (silk) scarf

Silk scarves made of shiny and mostly with natural folds, looks very beautiful. And rich drape, suitable for formal occasions to wear. And because it is made of natural materials will not cause static electricity, good insulation. Although it can be cleaned at home, but it is best to go to the laundry wash. Silk scarves can easily be prepared nibbling insects, and therefore in the collection scarves must not forget to put insect repellent.

Cotton (cotton) scarf

Cotton scarf breathable, absorbent, the most suitable in the spring and summer wear. Cotton material used for making long scarf multi ethnic style, is characterized suitable for casual dress. Vegetation dyed cotton scarf will fade during cleaning, be careful not to put wash with other clothing, avoid other clothing being stained.