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Textile knowledge: scarves choose "two-step song"

Aug 29, 2015

1. Distinguish quality from fabrics and colors. Good fabric is the first element, in addition, scarves side to "manual" sewing for the last election. Printing color must be uniform, in general, the richer the color the better the quality.

2. According to body characteristics to choose from. For example: neck short people, pick a little bit of thin scarf, knot the best system in lateral neck, or loosely tied low on the chest; petite people should avoid too cumbersome and too long-line.

3. Pay attention to any special design. There are specially designed scarf to use a special play to show creativity. We must pay attention to when choosing a pattern, be sure to personally try to tie.

4. To meet the personal style. If you belong to a good girl, then the silk scarves will be the best choice; and transparent gauze scarf for a romantic styling; want to try avant-garde style, with a glossy texture of the scarf will have unexpected results.