Lightweight Woven Scarf

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Lightweight Woven Scarf's physical and mechanical properties, including warp and weft yarn density, hem, front and back, reverse wool direction, fabric coverage.

Where the warp and weft yarns are interlaced somewhat, and the weir is bent in a direction perpendicular to the plane of the fabric, the degree of bending is related to the mutual tension between the warp and weft yarns, and the yarn stiffness, when the woven fabric is subjected to external tension, such as in the longitudinal direction. When stretched, the tension of the warp yarn increases, the bending decreases, and the bending of the weft yarn increases, such as longitudinal stretching, until the warp yarn is completely straightened, while the fabric shrinks laterally. When the woven fabric is stretched in the transverse direction by the external tension, the tension of the weft yarn is increased, the bending is reduced, and the warp yarn bending is increased, such as the transverse stretching, until the weft yarn is completely straightened, and the fabric is longitudinally contracted. However, the weft yarn does not change, unlike the knitted fabric.