Linen Scarf

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Quick Details:
5.Made Tech:woven

Cleaning method:

The washing requirements of the Linen Scarf are basically the same as those of the cotton cloth, but the soaking time should not be too long. Because hemp fiber is generally stiffer, cohesive force is poor, should be light, should not be strong on the enamel board, avoid using a hard brush to avoid hair raising, ramie clothing especially need to pay attention, otherwise it will feel when you wear it after lifting Itching is uncomfortable.

After rinsing, it cannot be squeezed or dehydrated to prevent the hemp fiber from slipping, which affects the appearance and durability. When drying in the sun, the collar and seams of the clothes should be flattened and allowed to cool in the sun, but do not expose to the sun or take too long to prevent fading. The various stains on the linen fabric are removed in the same way as the cotton fabric. However, if there is a slight cigarette burn on the linen fabric, it can be removed by wiping it with a slice of lemon and then drying it in the sun for a while.