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A Careful Maintenance Technique For Knitted Scarf

Jul 20, 2017

A careful maintenance technique for Knitted Scarf

A knit scarf not only keeps your windshield warm, but also makes the whole person more elegant. When the knot is tied to a silk scarf, it is possible to choose a method suitable for the personal style of clothing, such as heart type knot, diamond flower, diamond knot, rose, cross knot, etc. If you don't want to learn the tricky bit of dressing up, you can hang on to it and float it casually. The delicate knit scarf also needs your careful maintenance, the scarf factory below to teach you what time:

1, is can't afford to friction knitting scarf, everyone at the time of use, do not often tied knots in the same place, or you will make the pen lost original luster, if the scarf factory enough good, even the ball.

2. The Knitted Scarf can easily produce the pleated marks, so it is the best way to keep the clothes hangers.

3. Keep the scarf dry and avoid direct contact with insect repellent. To be able to remove dirt or spots from the scarf, the scarf factory recommends cleaning it in a reputable professional dry cleaner.

4. During the banquet, the scarf can make you more colorful, but you must not spray your perfume directly on the Knitted Scarf.

5, knitting scarves yellow silk material as a result of, because this is not because the washing method or maintain undeserved cause, so to prevent the scarves yellow method is to effectively avoid light.

6. When the knit scarf has a wrinkle, you can put a piece of cloth on the back for a low-temperature ironing.

7, because has the shortcoming of easy to hook a prang knitting scarf, so when it happens, the scarf factory will teach you to use two hands to grasp is hooked to the part, then slowly straighten, restore to the original state, such as with the iron to finalize the design.

Three proofing finishing agent has many types, early have aluminum soap, fat contains a long hydrocarbon chain quaternary ammonium compound finishing agent and isocyanate finishing agent etc, all these have influence on the handle with colored light because the scarf to be knit scarf factory gradually phased out.

There are two main types of new auxiliaries, the first is the linear methyl polysiloxane organic silicon finishing agent. After the fiber surface can form the resin film, its waterproof and oil had the very big enhancement, make scarf feels very smooth and soft, but its resistance to dry cleaning and oil still can not achieve satisfactory

The second type is a fluoropolymer resin finishing agent. Fluoride resin has good anti-fouling and prevent the contamination of the performance, and wet fastness is higher, it can not only make the knitting scarf has the function of waterproof, oil-repellent and also has good characteristics of resistant to dry cleaning and decontamination, luster, feel, permeability and so on to the scarf almost has no effect.

After a comprehensive comparison, the Knitted Scarf factory will choose the polymer finishing assistant containing fluorine to serve as the triple antidozer for Knitted Scarf. After three anti-collation, the scarf has been improved to meet the requirements of national standards. The various physical indexes of the scarf after finishing up the standard, dyeing and rubbing fastness also have a certain degree of improvement.

The Knitted Scarf product belongs to a kind of high-grade material, its use and maintenance have very strict requirement, want to reduce as far as possible the number of dry wash. The Knitted Scarf factory will have a very positive effect on the promotion and use of this new product, and the market prospect and benefit are well received by the industry.