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A Men Scarf Can Wear Classic And Dazzling

Jul 11, 2017

A Men Scarf can wear classic and dazzling

In a few years ago, when man scarf wholesalers found such a phenomenon, that is relative to women, men scarf for men, but more is only for the use of its function. Just a Men Scarf to keep him warm would never have noticed the beauty and adornment of a Men Scarf.

Now this day and age, Men Scarf also slowly became the man of important accessories, it doesn't even as pens, watches and men have always loved items such as cufflinks, meanwhile, it also became a lot of designers in the hands of another very brilliant works. Even in recent years, there have been a number of men's scarves wholesalers across the country.

For men, whether it's the boy in the library of transverse stripe long men scarf, or mixed knitting scarf long men on the streets, or is filled with wild style men scarf, they are swaying in the man's chest, is full of temptation and implicative, convey a casual and natural temperament. At this time, the Men Scarf has basically blurred its original function of keeping warm, and emphasized its decorative features.

It is like summer hang fall, can be used to match different dress, become the focus of a man caught a beloved woman, and it also is a kind of the embodiment of their dress style.

In fact, the Men Scarf wholesaler thinks the Men Scarf can wear women's classic and dazzling sense. For example, a simple silk lining inside the shirt, both a feeling of a gentleman, won't appear again I old, the wear law is to regulate the whole body is tie-in a very good choice, especially for a man with a gentle quality. A long, thin Men Scarf just needs to hang over your knees and then wrap around your neck for a few laps. You'll always have a little bit of laziness and decadence. In addition, the hemp Men Scarf let men can appear to be more comfortable and natural, looks not so bloated, occasionally a few elements to join will be the kind of atmosphere, more show man to you added more charm temperament.

What are the unique men's scarves this year? There are three of the most popular, followed by the introduction.

One, Indian triangle

Keywords: imitation deerskin, color feather, triangle.

Indian style is the most important design of this year's Men Scarf style. Rough deerskin bind, exaggerated color feathers, tumultuous fur level, from the gradient color mix again to material confusion is tie-in, then add the clipping of the triangle design, simply to between neck a build, exhibition show women both wild and enchanting immediately.

The tie-in advice of the Men Scarf wholesaler: choose the tight sweater with the big open collar and the tight pants with metal feeling, these can match exotic amorous feelings.

2. Double color hollow Men Scarf

Key words: hole cutting, double color, cascade sense.

Nifty style often leave the creative design, this year a man with a lively nifty quality scarf is mainly by means of the double color design, retained the natural cloth edge overlocking, under the intense color contrast also showed the slightest decadence. On top of that, the deliberate big hole hollow cut out, more let lively men scarf more a bit of rock style.

Men scarf wholesalers tie-in proposal: tassel is no longer in vogue, when you choose a nifty type hole hole men scarf, can it is important to note that double color contrast of visual impact, and also try to choose not to strip type with a tassel.

3. Retro European cape

Key words: long velvet fur, bright tone, lace bowknot.

End of this year's scarf shawls type completely back in the sixties and seventies of last century, long wool fur, beam shoulder A pendulum and lace lace bowknot is the man of this kind of warm scarf made already luxuriant and graceful and restrained.

Men scarf wholesalers tie-in proposal: did not comply with Europe type amorous feelings, in terms of color black and brown fur was replaced by the bright green and blue long villi, more suitable for collocation and knee of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt or wide-legged flares.