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A Variety Of Different Body Scarf Around The Law

Aug 29, 2015

Cold winter scarves so of course essential personal matter, to see street beat up people all kinds of different body scarf around France, you desperately want to know how to pick their own scarves with it? Quickly understand the various different body scarf around method to select the most suitable for your scarf, let the whole winter warm and stylish.

A variety of different body scarf around France - relatively short stature

Diminutive MM should not wear patterned scarf too exaggerated, and the area is too large, too complex decorative scarf. MM is more suitable for this type of pattern is simple, brightly colored scarf, if it is longitudinal stripes the better.

A variety of different body scarf around France - prominent buttocks / lower body fat

For this type of body MM, scarves play is to balance the role of the lower body. Due to lower body proportion is relatively big, so we can no longer those slim scarf, it would be up and down the contrast more strongly. Recommended to choose shawl or scarf as the large shawl to use, not only stylish, but also beautify equilibrium modeling results. You can also choose the design chic, brightly colored scarves, to attract attention.