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According To Your Own Face Shape To Pick Hat

Apr 23, 2016

Qiu dong is tie-in hat you are ready! Today teach you according to your own face pick hat, even big round face also can find the match his cap. 

See face choose cap money - oval 

Oval face contour is to snap aggro, the face cut without worry what hairstyle, more don't have to worry about what to wear hats to suit oneself, because it is willful to manage all kinds of hats, it is a "cap" face! This is heaven beloved face, just be careful not to take the brim over to "non-mainstream" hat or the hoods plumes of cap, pick any cap money with you! 


Oval, Kate 

Kate princess loved hat is notoriously, it is not difficult to find favorite is the princess has a retro feel berets, was among the cap money have their own one day. 

Oval, Kate 

Kate is very suitable for this kind of berea style restoring ancient ways of hats, and only she hold this hat, can so elegant, beautiful more foil a princess oval shape. 

Oval, Kate 

Princess in daily will also choose to wear the cowboy hat, the dome of the cone. 

See face choose cap money -- the round face 

Round face as we China's general public face, the face of the aspect ratio is close to 1:1, rounded lines. A lot of people will worry, feel oneself face too round, felt hats what all don't look good. Actually don't only choose right hat, not suitable for wearing a hat! Round face, can choose the kind of cap spin facial lines, to increase his face edges on the vision. There are wide brim of choice for panama is round face! 

Round face cap money select Yes or No 

Obviously this top hat to wear on the head of the round face, the head more round... But brilliant Kristina BaZAn foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses chose this flat along the panama hat, and long hair covering his round face, face look not a little small for yo. 

Round face cap money to choose right way 

Choose this wide brim hat, will also bang side points, a big round face has been covered most, who see all think they two is a pair of frame. Does this kind of hat is the most suitable for a round face. 

Round face cap money to choose right way 

Face round hat also note, don't put the hat pressure too low, so the brow and forehead like selena their sister come to light is round face the right way to wear, it can spin on the vision facial lines, add some edges and corners. 

Look at face choose cap money - square face 

Square face, cheek wide, clearly shows square jaws lines, angular. The square face should choose dome, circular brim hat to soften face, cutting edges and corners are facial contour. 

Square face cap money select Yes or No 

Quality of a material soft knit cap, actually can have the effect of diffusion facial lines. 

Square face cap money select Yes or No 

The square face sister still choose this circular brim hat. 

See face choose cap - a heart-shaped face 

Heart-shaped face also calculate taper face, zygomatic wide forehead pointed chin. This face basically don't pick the hat, all hat is fit for wearing. Just wear a hat when choose just can cover the broad forehead, show good jaw line. 

Selecting a heart-shaped face cap money way 

This kind of similar to baseball cap hat, then make some bang covered under their own light brow, face shape is ok. Right of fisherman cap is in the same way, heart-shaped face hurriedly write these tie-in tips! 

Selecting a heart-shaped face cap money way 

The furry circle cap and capricious. But may be fuzzy effects appear face is small, if heart-shaped face to autumn and winter in the street when live catch the eye of passers-by, this special cap money also is right choice. 

See face choose cap money - face 

Finally comes to a long face, long face length is greater than the width of the face long shaft. In fact as long as the hat can adjust the facial proportions. So as long as the choice hoods is not too high and the hat is the most match forehead! 

Square face cap money select Yes or No 

This a collocation eyes, only the choice of the hat... In fact, as long as she took hat sideways or choose a hat hat with the tongue, can let a face seems not so long. 

Square face cap money select Yes or No 

Right demonstrates the longer-face people the right way in cap, and left this kind of a big bang with white panama hat worn by an oblique, still have some effect is covered in the face, only such collocation... Luo ~ also can only say that she likes