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Beautiful Printing

Apr 29, 2016

Printing! Printing! Printing! 

After experienced a minimalist pure color, the ornament of printing is necessary, in this wave upon wave of flowers boom a wave of the season, how not to add a few wisp of fragrance. 

Dazzling pop design is very helpful distraction reconstruction figure, different permutation and combination of linear geometric patterns that the overall effect of the complex, as if this is a how complex clothes, but look closely, restore ancient ways round collar, shoulder lace stitching has, plus pumping waist line, classic contracted dress design is still in the highlights and graceful. 

Ink printing is conform to the Oriental female the wen wan loving beautiful, pure and fresh quietly elegant color, just the dress of moderate, slightly long sleeve on the shoulder line makeup dot in the form of arms, and sophisticated use of the high waist, every girl deserves such elaborate dress.