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Cartoon Scarf

Sep 08, 2016

    The richness of the development of society, people form, people for the scarf patterns and styles of design were constantly breakthrough, not rigidly adhere to the animals, plants and simple aesthetic form, but the cartoon image of the tightly bound to the scarf, scarf cartoon design the favorite of many customers.

    The cartoon image has become the object of pursuit of the masses, mouth monkey, Disney and other star brand has already started in the world. Cartoon is no longer a child's proprietary, and now it is a product of the broad masses of the people. designers will be cartoon show the way to draw cartoon in the scarf.

    Cartoon scarf is no national boundaries, it is a universal language of the world. An excellent cartoon scarf in the design, color matching on the design and style are required to select the fine. Designers need to advance with the times, the design of a sustainable sports scarf, in order to make the cartoon scarf to become the object of depression. Cartoon scarf is mainly based on two tone color, simple color hand in hand, highlight the cartoon. More show youth and vitality.