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Choose A Suitable Print Scarf Is Very Knowledgeable

Sep 13, 2017

Choose a suitable Print Scarf is very knowledgeable
 In every woman's wardrobe, in addition to hanging a lot of clothes, there will be a few printed scarves, because the Print Scarf is the embellishment of clothes, an ordinary clothes through a Print Scarf to a little embellishment will be able to become Live creatures. But for how to choose a suitable for their own printed scarves, which is a lot of knowledge inside, then we teach you recipe.
The choice of printed scarves is closely related to your color season and dress style. What is the color season? Tell you, this means that you use the color range from head to toe, is determined by your hair, eyes and skin color, shallow, deep, warm, cold, net, soft Six categories.
If you are in life often someone called "chocolate" beauty, you have black hair and black eyes, there is not white color, then you are a "deep" color type, so you choose to Print Scarf when you need to choose the color is strong, the color is more brilliant, do not choose too much clear pan old color, because the Department of this Print Scarf will make your face look pale and no spirit.
On the other hand, some light-colored Print Scarf, such as light peach and light gold, are more suitable for "light" color type of people, and this type of people are mostly hair and eyes are not black, the skin is white, if Department of dark Print Scarf, then it can only look old and dull.
     Blue or purple Print Scarf is full of romantic color, more suitable for the face of the blue at the end of the "cold" color type of people, "cold" color type can not be tied at the end of the yellow scarf, because it will look haggard No god
Orange and other yellow tone is full of sunny warmth, but not everyone will wear nice, only "warm" color type of people will be beautiful, if you are a "warm" color type of people , Then it is recommended that you can choose pumpkin color, yellow and other colors of the Print Scarf.
Some of the apple green, bright powder, water blue and other bright red scarf can be described as "net" type of people a good choice, white skin, black hair, black eyes is the "net" type, and these high degree The color will make the "net" type of people as a diamond-like glory.
  If I ask, what is the Print Scarf used for? 99% of people will answer warm, sun, in fact, you do not know, printing scarves or a medicine.
     Since it is medicine, then look at the Print Scarf in the end what effect it
     Efficacy 1: to prevent colds, farewell onions, jade screen!
     You still eat green onion garlic to prevent cold, in fact, a Print Scarf can be resolved in the Chinese medicine, the neck is the most likely winter into the cold place, if you can protect your neck, than eating jade screen More effective.
     There are a lot of people doubt why my summer will be cold, and long time is not good yet
     A: In fact, most of the air conditioning is the problem, the indoor temperature is low, the outdoor temperature is high, a high and a low lead to your resistance decline, a Print Scarf can help you prevent air conditioning disease.
     Efficacy 2: neck exposed less, cervical disease does not disturb
     Chinese medicine believes that the wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire is pathogenic six factors, including the cold of the former two. The neck is the body of the "fortress", the neck is full of blood vessels, there are many important points, such as the cervical spine on the Dazhui, Fengchi points, there are extended to the shoulder of the shoulder wells. Therefore, the winter is a high incidence of cervical spondylosis season, so a Print Scarf can block you cold, away from the disease.
     Efficacy three: Print Scarf around the good, back do not worry
In the winter, if you do not wear high collar clothes, a little bit of cold wind into the neck, the whole body will fight the cold war. Therefore, the neck most afraid of cold. Especially the modern people are long time with the computer, easily lead to neck muscle stiffness, if coupled with winter cold attack, the back will be cold, muscle prone to spasm, pain, this pain will radiation to the shoulder area, scapular pain. Long repeated cold, small is suffering from a cold, big is susceptible to rheumatism and so on.
     Effect four: warm winter some, sober all day
   Print Scarf have the function of promoting blood circulation and relieving fatigue, whether it is your best match in cold winter or summer cool rooms.
     Have seen the above statement Do you think it is really a Print Scarf is a special Chinese medicine, printed scarves not only give you health, more can bring you unlimited beauty, you and the noble distance, worse a Print Scarf ?