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Different Dress Style Scarves With The Law

Jun 16, 2017

Different dress style Scarves with the law

Slender Scarves, shawl blanket, knitted collar .. this is a Scarves season! When we put on the season's most popular clothes, infected with the most fashionable hair color found that we still can not withstand the late autumn cold, open the cabinet out of this season the most eye-catching single product - scarves. Found that all types of scarves we have but did not play their useful, in the end how to match it to keep it warm at the same time become the most eyeful of a single product?

Small square with T-shirt

Weekend entertainment to play, only wearing a comfortable T-shirt and jeans, but not, and quickly come up with your most common small square bar, tied to the neck or wrist, pants pocket .. embellishment you can think of all the places it

Rectangular Scarves with strapless dress

When you want to reveal your charming clavicle, will feel cold or embarrassed, that quickly come up with your long Scarves, tied in the neck, lifted you feel too much exposed embarrassment

Color big square with a black

When you want to wear a very cool time, do not worry about a black will let you in the crowd eclipsed, you only need a large size Scarves can let you shine in the crowd

Knitted scarves with belt clothes

This kind of knitted Scarves is very easy to bloated, this time you only need a belt, it will be the same as the dress to tighten it, showing the body curve to.

To the winter, many people choose to buy wool scarves, wool scarves and cashmere scarves, what is the difference?


Drawn from the sheep's hair, is the most common kind of wool products. Its characteristics are warm and comfortable, not easy to static. Wool Scarves products have two categories, one is made of wool, and then woven into a Scarves from the wool; the other is woven into wool fabric, and then used to make scarves or shawls.


The word from India's name Kashmir, the first refers to the land produced by the cashmere, where the wool crafts have a world-class technology, can be spinning the finest cashmere.

The goat has two layers of hair, the bottom is soft and delicate fluff, the outer layer is rough coat, cashmere is the bottom of the villi, soft and light texture, has a very good sense of gloss and smooth feel.