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Explain The Basics Of The Scarves

Jul 20, 2017

Explain the basics of the Scarves

A Scarves can show amorous feelings of Venice, a Scarves, Scarves can show people's elegance, in the autumn and winter and early spring, tie a Scarves, not only can warm warm, and can add how much grace, and charm.

A great variety of scarves, provide people with a lot of choice, and choose the Scarves with individual body shape, appearance, and visual perception, mental dynamic coordination, to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, the effect of the beauty is generous.

The current Scarves pattern can be divided into two categories: traditional pattern and modern various symmetrical and asymmetric geometric patterns. Generally speaking, when wearing more serious clothes, it is appropriate to wear the Scarves of traditional pattern, wear fashionable dress, the Scarves that matches contemporary design is good. The temperamental wenjing chooses elegant small pattern Scarves to be good, the disposition lively person matches with big flower type Scarves especially appropriate.

White skin chooses Scarves should avoid stimulation intense tone, appropriate use light blue, light wheat red, apple green, lemon yellow and other tonal. The black skin person avoids to use light color to adjust the Scarves, appropriate chooses brunet to be good, such as Brazil yellow, deep beige, deep iron ash and other tonal.

A simple dark or monochrome loose-knit Scarves or silk Scarves chosen for a large body with a large chest size. The body is small, the pattern and style of Scarves is simple, simple and elegant is appropriate, color method should choose warm tone, in order to enhance active feeling.

The person of wide shoulder, choose the Scarves of pattern of pattern of pattern of pattern of pattern of pattern of a straight pattern, make the shoulders have narrow sense, choose wen jing, the color of simple and elegant, such as lake blue, rice yellow, light orange red wait. The person that snuck shoulders, should choose to add long Scarves, two ends of Scarves is put on the shoulder to hang up behind, visual can make the shoulder appear symmetrical.

When wearing red sweater, might as well use a black thin Scarves, press red not to be in too dazzling, still can lining the skin color is white and tender. Wearing a cream white sweater and a rose-colored Scarves, the elegant appearance rose from the plain. Silk scarves are light and soft, with a variety of methods, even if you wear plain clothes, you can make them look good. If you wear a light blue suit, with a silk Scarves, and color with deeper colour of can achieve dynamic effect, if wearing a loose jacket, wearing a white silk Scarves, will seem as everybody damsels.

The shape is long, but the chest is flat, the rich sex design with a few loose feeling is selected, the Scarves of big flower type, the method that USES symmetrical suspension before the bosom, can make bosom appears plump.

Wai to many line method, will spend towel diagonally into a triangle, and then, again from both sides inward into double tube, then twist into a twist, tied around the two laps, curled on his neck, a nifty lively feeling. Fold the square to the corner into a ribbon, first in the middle of a slightly larger triangle knot, then on each side of a small triangular knot, like a chain belt, do not have the charm. Fold the wipes into a ribbon and fold the ends into a large knot, then gently tie the end to the inside to make up the knot and hide it in the clothing. This style gives the impression of elegance and elegance. Silk scarves rectangularity, then into two nabla with diagonal and along a straight line on both ends of the bow, the characteristic is the Scarves design most of the shows in the shoulder, not behind, make the person appear easy and sedate.