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Fashion And Warm Add Print Scarf Quasi-right

Oct 24, 2017

Fashion and warm add Print Scarf quasi-right
Autumn and winter is easy to make themselves bloated, even if not fat is also very easy because of the cold and wrapped with dumplings the same. And there is a "artifact" is a single product at this time you indispensable. Yes! Is Print Scarf, do not underestimate the effectiveness of Print Scarf, its warm function is equivalent to a piece of clothing, removed from the fashion circle you have no reason to refuse! Especially the cold autumn and winter, when the temperature plummeted, whether it is with her Print Scarf or shawl cloak, are very good choice!
What are the popular highlights of this year's Print Scarf, and what tips are there for us?
Print Scarf is popular in Europe and America this year
Recently discovered by Burberry that famous shawl is still spread in many brands. Many fashion brands have launched this year's popular shawl. This big shawl like a small blanket, you can dress when the clothes, very type, very stylish, very free atmosphere.
China Fashion Color Association of color image consultant Liu Sha said that Europe and the United States this year is one of the key words Print Scarf. Solid color, big grid, Scotland small cell Print Scarf reflects the simple and atmospheric atmosphere of Europe and the United States.
Print Scarf to match the overall dress
Print Scarf Print Scarf is one of the most classic Print Scarf style, simple atmosphere of the grid, classic and wild, gray color, low profile in a sense of high sense. Simply with a broken jeans, foot rubber shoes, with a casual leisure is still Fan children full!
Low-key thousands of birds is a good choice, and if you want to exaggerate the effect of point, then choose a large line of geometric patterns Print Scarf to increase the gas field!
Pants + high heels + Print Scarf with, to choose the wide and narrow pants under the type of handsome enough, with a loose sweater quite a tone, the choice of shoes must be this sexy high heels, so as to neutralize the pants off the leisure Feeling, otherwise the whole will look too "foolish".
Shawl blanket show free temperament, generally with the simple temperament of the European and American wind clothes with. Short skirts, high waist shorts, boots and shawl with the most out of color, not only can elongate the leg type, but also in the overall sense of layering.
Four shackles of the shawl
Simple and concise: the system is very simple, but a simple flat, because the 8-shaped sets in the neck, so it seems more complex shape, the Department of the shawl will be left in the chest layer of rich shawl pleats, Can be impressive.
Shoulder folds: rectangular fixed shape, is characterized by practical, warm, with the color of the shawl and clothes together is easier, looks stylish and elegant.
Double neck knot: modeling natural, smooth, stylish, and small suit with together, very coordinated.
Double-layer knot: This method will Print Scarf both ends are in the front, so the best choice at both ends through the special design of the effect will be more prominent, with a wide range of modeling. But the pink sweater with white Print Scarf, with soft colors, giving fresh and beautiful feeling.
Print Scarf with some common sense
Wear a blue and gray suit suit: often appear dark face, such as accompanied by a rich color, warm style silk towel, there will be a vibrant effect.
Wearing blue clothes: blue Print Scarf, will make people blurred, such as a pure white silk Print Scarf not only to bring out the red lips black eyes, but also to keep the navy blue fresh temperament, people will Seem agile and decisive. Wear silver-gray clothes: fat people should be surrounded by dark green Print Scarf, thin people should be around the red Print Scarf, this can be transferred silver gray serene and gentle taste. Wearing orange tannins: will be more chunky, to match the dark blue pants and a light green Print Scarf, will give a fresh, pure feeling. Wear red velvet clothing: may wish to use black transparent Print Scarf pressed red, so that it is not too glare, but also make the skin look white. Wear a white velvet, black pants: If you surround a rose red Print Scarf, you can elegant in the elegant light.