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High-grade Ladies Scarf Cleaning Method

Jun 16, 2017

High-grade Ladies Scarf cleaning method

Recently, microblogging has been on the private letter Xiaobian asked about the women's scarf washing methods, so Xiaobian decided today to give you universal about the high-end women's scarf washing method, today to answer the question was more, cashmere Ms. scarf AND Silk lady scarf.

Cashmere lady scarf

First of all we have to know what is cashmere? Wool is the root of the villi, is a textile raw materials, due to high quality, so expensive, in the international market to enjoy the "soft gold" reputation. So precious ladies scarves we have to take care of them. Cashmere lady scarf in the winter has been everyone's love, especially in the northeast region, in the street to see a lot of beautiful cashmere lady scarf, then you know how to wash cashmere scarf? For cashmere lady scarf for you, cashmere Women's scarf to how to wash, in order to let the cashmere lady scarf forever bright as new? The following China to introduce the following clean-up method, hoping to bring convenience to everyone.

Ladies Scarf If the cashmere scarf is dyed on other precious clothes, we should clean it alone, so that we can avoid the risk of mutual dyestuffs. If you do not accidentally infected with other staining, then do not worry, we soaked in cashmere sweater in warm water, add disinfectant soak for about 30 minutes and then cleaned, you can completely remove the dirt, bright as new.

Some pro-reaction took out for a long time useless cashmere lady scarf found when the color yellowed state, so how to wash the cashmere lady scarf? There is a very long folk method is very useful, is to use boiled rice water Plus orange peel, the cashmere lady scarf inside soaked, it will be surprised to find that the yellow stains completely disappeared.

Cashmere lady scarves in the placement of a long time, in the out there will be moldy taste, moldy taste how to clean it? In the supermarket can buy fragrant detergent with detergent, the flavor of detergent into the warm water, and then Into the Ladies Scarf Ladies Scarf, soaked after cleaning dry, musty not only will make the lady scarf fragrance.

Silk lady scarf

Ms. scarf can be warm in the winter when you can also be as your body decorations, make you more beautiful. So, silk lady scarf how to wash it? In the wash silk lady scarf to pay attention to what

1, silk lady scarf absolutely can not be washed inside the washing machine. Hand wash when you can not use too much effort to rub, but to use the bubble, gently rubbing the way, very gentle hand wash, do not soak for a long time.

2, to pay special attention: silk scarf is not suitable for washing powder, soap cleaning, this will make the clothes yellow, Ladies Scarf hardened. You can use a special silk hair cleaner, you can also use a mild neutral detergent solution, with high-quality shampoo, shower gel cleaning is also possible.

3, silk lady scarf can not be hand-wring dry water, a lot of water to hand out. Silk silk clothing can not be directly in the sun exposure, to dry. When not in use, it is best to put a paper bag hanging up.

4, silk silk scarf is easy to wrinkle, need to iron from time to time. Ironing, be sure to use the iron low temperature stalls, the use of too high temperature will damage the silk of silk.

Well, the first simple for everyone to popularize these two women's scarf cleaning ironing method, hoping to give a friend in need a little help. Suzhou Wo Fu Tai Clothing Co., Ltd. is the industry's first supplier of women's scarves ODM, is dedicated to women's scarf wholesale, foreign trade women's scarf manufacturer. The flagship brand "BOOOGE" has a lady scarf distribution business