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How Do You Pick A Scarves That's Right For You?

Jul 03, 2017

How do you pick a Scarves that's right for you?

When you like a Scarves, the first thing you want to do is to put it close to your face to see if it matches your face. If you don't look like you, don't hesitate to let go. It is important to note that some of the scarves are designed to be unassailable, but there are subtle differences between the colors they like and the colors they like. In this case, you should compare the colors and look in the mirror from a distance to confirm the cooperation with the body shape and the overall atmosphere of the clothing. The back effect and the lateral effect can't be ignored either. After that, the Scarves will be used in the usual shape, so you can know the style and effect of this pattern.

No matter what a great Scarves, if it doesn't match the outfit, it will only take up your closet space. Be clear about your purpose, whether you want to dress up with the office, or be at a dinner party. If you have enough choice, you can also consider the combination of lipstick colors, belts or bags.

When you wear your favorite Scarves, must be confident, completely don't have to worry too much, as long as you spend some of idea undertakes collocation, even if a small mistake, others will think that is a reflection of your personality.

The Scarves is wrapped in thread

The dress has the shortest dressing season and the subtle effect of the Scarves. These three words are rich in content, "Scarves", "button" in a knot, have a story. The day of the Scarves is still only early in the early spring and early autumn mild cold, not all women use the Scarves, not all the Scarves is used buckle, so its place is micro and micro. But the good is here, and the fleeting is good.

The Scarves can not be too bright, the noise of the host, also cannot be too dark, can not hold the foot. The two of them should be filamentand complement each other. Sometimes some little embellishment can make you feel better.

Keep your Scarves down

Believe that every girl has several beautiful scarves, and there must be a lot of girls who are worried about how to maintain them. Indeed, the Scarves is very delicate, want to let oneself of Scarves always shine beautiful, might as well listen to expert advice.

The processing of labels

Please note before you cut the label record material, washing instructions, and then the tag edge will cut with scissors, label yarn carefully cut again, thereby preventing damage Scarves edge.

The washing method

Silk Scarves suggests dry cleaning. If washing apply neutral detergent hand wash, after washing, first use bath towel to roll up to absorb water, then use a cold iron to press flat on the back.

Maintenance and collection

Do not place the Scarves in damp, unventilated or direct sunlight to avoid the appearance of the Scarves and fade. Avoid desiccant, cosmetics, perfume and other chemicals directly into the Scarves when collecting. If not carefully touched, should be washed timely, otherwise easily cause the Scarves to turn yellow/black. Fold your Scarves neatly in a drawer when you collect it

Summer is coming, autumn winter season likes the MM of Scarves is blessed, we illustrate eight kinds of Scarves to play, don't say you don't like oh.