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How Should The Poncho Be Chosen?

Jul 20, 2017

How should the Poncho be chosen?

Open an umbrella on a rainy day, if we are walking, then is ok, but security won't have to open an umbrella to ride a bike, only wear a Poncho is actual, let printing transparent Poncho manufacturer to tell you, how to choose and buy the right Poncho.

1. Fabric identification: if it is raw material, it has a peculiar smell. The glue and cloth will have poor adhesion, and the adhesive will be white. It will wrinkle and peel when used.

2. Work: if the equipment is backward, the garment needle is too big, the stitching is not consistent, the seal is not up to standard, it is easy to seepage.

3. Design style: first consider the practical effect of preventing rain and wear comfort, the second is to be beautiful and generous.

4. Breathability: if it is to prevent rain, seal cover the body, the heat in the body cannot be released, cool internal heat, formation of water, wet and rain in the clothing lining.

We wear Poncho to keep out the rain, and if we pick the bad quality of the Poncho, it's raining outside, and the rain is leaking inside, so we don't have the meaning of the rain. Also, when buying Poncho, also should grasp the choice of size, suggest usual clothes wear size M people buy L Poncho, and so on, this visor sex would be better, even if is also used for winter clothes more.

When buying the Poncho, a lot of people will choose the quality of the quality rain, the quality of the quality of the small common sense: cloth identification, work, planning style, air permeability. A, material identification: if reworked material, have peculiar smell, rubber and cloth, rubber suffused with white, when using corrugate, off work: if the poor equipment, garment stitch is too large, needle seam height not consistent, the seal is unqualified, extremely easy ooze water. 3. Planning style: first think about the actual effect of preventing rain and wear comfort, secondly, it is elegant and elegant. 4. Breathability: if it is to prevent rain, seal cover the body, the heat in the body cannot be released, cool internal heat, formation of water, wet and rain in the clothing lining.

According to the composition of the material

Oil cloth Poncho: made of oil cloth (fabric with oil or oil). China's eastern han dynasty invented oilcloth, and the sui dynasty used oilcloth and Poncho, which has always been in the 1950s. The oil cloth rain cape is filtered by rough, hard and unfoldable defects. Rubber Poncho: made of adhesive cloth (coated with rubber) or glued together. It has good elasticity, insulation and folding resistance, and is widely used as a protective equipment for the protection of wind and rain.

Plastic thin film Poncho: made of plastic film (polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene). This kind of Poncho has the advantages of simple production, simple and soft color variety and low price, so it has been used since the 1960s. In the meantime, a cape style Poncho (called Poncho) used by cyclists is widely used because of its reasonable planning and convenience.

Cloth and rain cloth: sewn into a cloth with water repellent or oil repellent. It is suitable for advanced Poncho by refusing to be treated with oil and water, and it has excellent permeability. There are various kinds of anti-rain cloth, such as rainproof and cotton khaki, anti-rain polyester poplin, rain and polyester silk, etc. It is a popular garment style, and it is suitable for wearing, fine and rainy.

Poncho is made from anti-rain cloth (plain cotton treated with water repellent). Waterproofing agent is a wax emulsion pulp containing aluminum salt. When the wax is emulsified, it becomes tiny particles distributed evenly over the fibers of the cotton cloth. Paraffin and water are incompatibility, when the water meets paraffin, it forms oblong drops and rolls over the paraffin. Can be seen, it is the effect of paraffin wax. In physics, this kind of impervious phenomenon is called "unsaturated phenomenon". And when water meets ordinary cotton cloth, it penetrates through the capillary tube of the fiber, which is called "infiltration phenomenon".

Objects are composed of molecules. The interaction between molecules of the same substance called cohesion; The interaction between molecules of different substances is called adhesion. When the cohesion is less than the adhesion, the "infiltration phenomenon" is produced; Conversely, there will be "no infiltration". The water is not permeable because the water's cohesion is greater than water's adhesion to the Poncho.

Common glass, it looks smooth and bright. Water in it, however, is tightly coiled, brought all sorts of trouble: when it rains, the rain on the car window obstructed the driver's line of sight, very insecure, so had to start the stroke unit and the rain comes to; Glasses of people, when drinking hot water, the lens immediately blindfold a layer of fog, blocking the line of sight, nothing can be seen.