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How To Care For Silk Scarves

May 27, 2016

Silk scarves are versatile fashion accessories. They are usually worn around the neck, tied over shoulders or over the head. Silk scarves are always subjected to folding, tying and knotting during use. Over time, scarves will also pick up perspiration and natural pollutants from the air. Give proper care to your silk scarves and protect your fashion investment.
Make room for your scarves. Install large, rounded hooks or hang accessory rings in your closet. Proper storage prevents snags and minimizes wrinkles, especially on delicate scarves.
Avoid exposing silk scarves under direct sunlight. The UV rays might discolor the scarves.
Keep silk scarves away from liquid that contains chlorine or alcohol.
Clean your scarves before you put them away for storage. You may hand wash your regular silk scarves using Woolite and cold water. After rinsing, lay the wet scarf on a clean towel. Roll up the towel (with the scarf in it) to absorb excess water.
Air-dry your silk scarves on a mesh drying rack to avoid stretching. Do not dry under direct sunlight.
On the lowest setting, iron the scarf while it is still slightly damp. You may lay a towel on top to prevent scorching. Always iron the silk scarf on its dull color side.
Gently fold scarves and store them in linen boxes or breathable containers. Line the box with acid-free tissue paper for long-term storage. You may also store designer scarves in their original boxes.