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How To Choose A Scarf Material?

Aug 29, 2015

1. silk / silk scarf wholesale

Silk scarves made of shiny and mostly with natural folds, looks very beautiful. And rich drape, suitable for formal occasions to wear. And because it is made of natural materials will not cause static electricity, good insulation. Although it can be cleaned at home, but it is best to go to the laundry wash. Silk scarves can easily be prepared nibbling insects, and therefore in the collection scarves must not forget to put insect repellent.

2. Ma / numbness

Summer season, the most popular hemp scarf. Not only feeling fresh after wearing looks is quite refreshing. Very suitable for summer match. For a long time in air-conditioned environment female friends, hemp scarf is essential. But hemp scarf wrinkle easily, so the wearing time to pay more attention. Gently fold, then it should not be wrinkled.