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How To Choose Fashion Knitted Scarf To Decide

Aug 02, 2017

How to choose fashion Knitted Scarf to decide
Knitted Scarf, customs million, show personal style, in the autumn and winter season, early spring season, clever Knitted Scarf, not only cold and warm, at the same time, how many added charming.
A variety of Knitted Scarf, for the fashion we provide a great choice of opportunities, knit scarf selection and size, appearance, and visual experience, personal style coordination, to avoid weaknesses, wear clothing beautiful, wear style
Temperament quiet who choose elegant pattern Knitted Scarf as well.
Lively personality coupled with large flower Knitted Scarf is particularly appropriate.
White complexes should use light blue, light wheat red, apple green, lemon yellow and other colors.
Black skin care to avoid the use of light-colored Knitted Scarf, dark as well, such as deep beige, dark gray and other colors.
Body fat, bust larger selection of flower design simple dark or monochrome loose Knitted Scarf or silk Knitted Scarf;
Body thin, Knitted Scarf of the flower and style to simple, elegant and appropriate, color method should use warm colors to enhance the sense of activity.
Wide shoulder of the people, the choice of pattern was straight pattern pattern of Knitted Scarf, so that the shoulder has a narrow sense of choice of quiet, elegant color, such as lake blue, beige, pale orange and so on. Shoulders should choose lengthened Knitted Scarf, Knitted Scarf at both ends of the shoulder to the back of the hanging, the visual can make the shoulder appears symmetrical.
Wearing a red sweater, you may wish to use black thin through the Knitted Scarf, suppress the red is not too dazzling, but also lining the color was white and tender. Wear a milky white sweater, surrounded by a rose scarf scarf, from the light up in the rise of elegant manner. Silk towel texture soft and soft, the Department of a variety of methods, even if you are dressed in ordinary clothes, but also make you add astringent. If you wear a light blue suits suit, coupled with a dark silk scarf, can achieve a vibrant effect, if wearing a loose jacket, tied a white silk knit scarf, will be lining the beauty of flowers Like jade
Body slender chest flat, matching texture slightly loose sense of the rich pattern, large flower knit scarf, the use of symmetrical suspension before the chest method, can make the chest look full.
No matter what style of choice, what color, what process of Knitted Scarf, as long as piercing your style, piercing your beauty, are fashionable Knitted Scarf with.
Knitted Scarf with four points:
1, see the use of Knitted Scarf Material:
Wool type is more suitable for sweaters, cotton Knitted Scarf for cotton clothes, the severity of the proportion will not be too weird. Some thinner material such as snow spinning, but also pick the material more soft clothes.
2, see Knitted Scarf pattern:
Some Knitted Scarf design itself is a part of the design. See the pattern of Knitted Scarf on the pattern, without too much trouble can achieve the desired effect, highlighting the characteristics of Knitted Scarf.
3, look clothes color
Knitted Scarf and clothes if the contrast color, can make people eyes bright eyes. Plain Knitted Scarf are suitable for shining clothes.
4, see hair type
Short hair or hair up, can be Knitted Scarf as a visual focus, but long hair can be recommended simply around.