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How To Choose Green Health Knitted Scarf

Oct 24, 2017

How to choose green health Knitted Scarf
Selection of Knitted Scarf fabric is very knowledgeable, the best choice of natural ecological products. Natural material is better. Like cotton, hemp, silk, skin, hairy. In natural materials, cotton, linen, silk is better. General chemical fiber, blended or dyes used more of these materials relatively speaking, relatively poor safety.
Wearing these products containing chemical elements too much, easily lead to human discomfort, experts do not recommend to buy. Especially in the chemical fiber which will have a lot of additives, easily lead to skin eczema and even some like formaldehyde, heavy metals these harmful ingredients through the pores into the human body, there are some dyed dyed color more bright clothes, relative to the inside of the fuel part of the aniline compound content comparison High, easy to fade, bleaching on the human skin caused by allergies and even the risk of cancer.
Now a lot of Knitted Scarf are the name of a new fabric, posted modal, bamboo charcoal fiber and other labels. These fabrics have deodorant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-ultraviolet, radiation, itching and other health care functions. Environmental protection experts advise that these new green textiles may not be as effective as their publicity.
Because its function is professionally speaking, but this function is often possible in the sales process is a publicity exaggerated, the second material may not be in accordance with the original inspection or research time of the recipe process, such as for the sake of good Plus color plus color, or in order to make it better strength may be added chemical fiber, or even make it better taste, will add a variety of additives in the inside, so that the function of health, green features will be greatly reduced.
May be more and more because of the style of Knitted Scarf, more and more color, and more and more chemical substances added, so that caused a lot of this harmful chemicals attached to the Knitted Scarf.
How to choose Knitted Scarf:
The first is to see, mainly to see the description of the label on the knit scarf is not complete, especially the enterprise information, as well as the type of material, washing the way there is the proportion of its material, such as chemical fiber accounted for how much , Or the number of hair, to see the proportion.
The second is to carry out some identification, moving hands, is generally used to identify a variety of materials is a better way, for example, we said that after the burning of cotton gray as burning paper, it is powder, burning When there is no smell, hairy generally contain protein, when there is a taste of burning, there are some chemical fiber class, when the smoke is relatively black smoke, it will burn after the end of the caking, like asphalt, through these Way to do some simple identification.
Autumn and winter is easy to make themselves bloated, even if not fat is also very easy because of the cold and wrapped with dumplings the same. And there is a "artifact" is a single product at this time you indispensable. Yes! Is the knit scarf, do not underestimate the effectiveness of Knitted Scarf, its warm function is equivalent to a piece of clothing, removed from the fashion circle you have no reason to refuse! Especially the cold autumn and winter, when the temperature plummeted, whether it is with her Knitted Scarf or shawl cloak, are very good choice!
Checkered cashmere Knitted Scarf can be described as one of the most classic Knitted Scarf style, simple atmosphere of the grid, classic and wild, gray color, low profile in a sense of high sense. Simply with a broken jeans, foot rubber shoes, with a casual leisure is still Fan children full!
Low-key thousands of birds is a good choice, and if you want to exaggerate the effect of point, then choose a large line of geometric patterns of Knitted Scarf to increase the gas field!