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How To Effectively Remove The Kids Scarf With A Long Time After The Smell

Sep 04, 2017

How to effectively remove the Kids Scarf with a long time after the smell
         The weather is getting hot, we use Kids Scarf and sweat the opportunity to sweat more and more often do not take long to emit a strange smell, feels wet and sticky, and feel quite uncomfortable! Especially the face of the people easily out of the oil, and sometimes only used to bring the face of Kids Scarf, not used to wipe other parts, but still do not take long to wet sticky, spread the smell. In the end how to use the child scarf is correct? Whether there is a coup can make Kids Scarf dry, fresh and not sticky, and now they have to look at the use of Kids Scarf precautions and clean tricks it!
1. The face of the Kids Scarf alone
It is recommended to use the Kids Scarf with the best not to use wiping sweat, wipe the body, etc., only in the face after the face to wash, because the use of Kids Scarf to wipe the body, the body of secretions, bacteria, dirt, grease easily attached to the Kids Scarf , If there is no regular disinfection and cleaning, it will become sticky or dry hard state, it is best to be a week to really clean the Kids Scarf, it will not let the Kids Scarf on the skin damage the skin.
2. High temperature sterilization is most effective
When cleaning Kids Scarf, you can first drink the Kids Scarf with boiling water for 10 minutes, and then clean with detergent, after washing the ventilation to get dry. If you think that boiled with a little bit of trouble, you can also clean the child after the scarf, microwave microwave microwave to get a 5 minutes, the same can achieve the effect of high temperature sterilization.
3. With vinegar and soda powder to taste
In addition, you can also use vinegar or soda powder to remove the taste, in accordance with the general laundry cleaning procedures, in the washing machine by adding two spoonful of white vinegar, can also add the right amount of hot water, this time do not add detergent, softener or anything else, directly start the washing machine Cleaning.
After the cleaning process, you can add a little laundry soap or soda powder and then wash once, you can remove most of the smell and sticky. To taste before washing the washing machine to taste before, it is best to check the washing machine itself has no smell. If you can add hot water and 2 cup bleach, run the washing machine (do not put any clothes).
After the washing machine is closed, the inside of the environment moist seal, which is an excellent condition for the growth of mold, so once the washing machine to stop running, we must immediately come up with Kids Scarf, so attached to Kids Scarf on the micro-organisms will not continue to grow.
Use finished to immediately dry, run out of Kids Scarf after the Kids Scarf to dry, so as to avoid Kids Scarf moldy, especially bath towels, or run out of Kids Scarf immediately after the wash.
If the bathroom has windows, the day is best to open and open the curtains to be ventilated, so that the sun came in, to avoid the Kids Scarf still dry moldy situation. Moreover, Kids Scarf try not to dry, let the sun have the role of sterilization, but also will not have the taste.
Hardening and sticky as the case, if the Kids Scarf has been a sticky or hardening of the situation, you can add alkaline detergent in the water or salt scrub, washed and then rinse with water, can be improved;
And salt also has the effect of removing the smell, if still can not remove the smell, then it means that the use of Kids Scarf has been almost, it is recommended for the new Kids Scarf it!
 However, Kids Scarf are one of the signs of measuring the degree of social civilization, the pursuit of clean, beautiful, elegant life is the people's general life orientation. Kids Scarf are still playing a different role. Used to be used only as cleansing, it is now closely linked with art and culture: it can be a mural, decorate your home; it can be a bathrobe, happy your body and mind; can be a Bed towels, warm your life; of course, it can also be a gift for you to pass family, friendship.