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How To Identify Cashmere Men Scarf

Sep 25, 2017

How to identify cashmere Men Scarf
Feel visual
Feel the consumer is the most direct and simple way to identify the quality of Men Scarf men's cashmere. Visual inspection is mainly through the mold, pinch, grasp and other actions to identify cashmere Men Scarf surface smoothness, softness, fullness, flexibility, such as wool, wool, wool, wool, wool, wool, wool, wool, wool, Shirt with yarn uneven, rough workmanship, feel the board hard and inelastic, dull surface, you can doubt the authenticity of its quality.
Fine distinction
According to the initial confirmation of the authenticity of the cashmere Men Scarf and whether their own needs, but also check the contents of the label in order to further identify the quality of Men Scarf. For example, the actual size and label are the same, the fiber composition and the label is consistent. Ordinary consumers to identify fiber ingredients have considerable difficulty, but as long as the master of the basic method, but also can avoid obvious inconsistent. First of all, take a little fiber to burn about, if the taste of burning hair and ashes can be crushed, can be identified as animal hair; as to what kind of hair, and logo is consistent, can refer to the characteristics of the various types of sweaters described above To identify, if there is a problem that can not be confirmed, you can only be sent to the professional inspection agency for identification. Especially to pay attention to often several times in a situation, one is blended with pure wool, the second is to fine wool or scaly wool cashmere, three is made of nylon fumed, four is to go to the scales thick wool camel hair and many more.
 These days, the north is already a few degrees below 10 degrees of low temperature, and the South is also much better where to go, a new round of cold air soon to come. I believe that many men are in the winter travel equipment and distress, wearing less of their own body, dressed more bloated no style, but there are always the best of both worlds, such as with a soft and warm men's cashmere Men Scarf, in the Do not need to wear too much at the same time can take into account your grace, good to protect your neck from cold.
   Cashmere Men Scarf are all Men Scarf material in the most high-end, to highlight the taste of elegance, is the success of men's logo. A high-end men's cashmere Men Scarf is in the texture, the appearance is impeccable.
Then the choice of how a red Men Scarf na? Wool Men Scarf how many will not skin, cashmere Men Scarf and quite expensive, too low-end material is not suitable for the New Year festivals such occasions. Then the silk brushed red Men Scarf will meet all your needs for red Men Scarf, silk brushed Men Scarf is made of 100% silk made of raw materials for men's scarves, light sounds like high-end atmosphere on the grade, and then savor Its feel and appearance naturally mention. Delicate texture around the neck, coupled with the warm red, how can we not need the texture of the winter out of color?
   As the price of cashmere Men Scarf more expensive, the market will often be quite imitation cashmere Men Scarf this argument, which a few dollars a stall of men's scarves may also be black heart businessmen called imitation cashmere Men Scarf, in fact, and cashmere Men Scarf's high-end no half-hair relationship. The same silk brushed red Men Scarf also have a cashmere texture, can also be called imitation cashmere Men Scarf, in no way inferior quality, is the need for the pursuit of cost-effective customers to provide the best choice.
Can not wait to meet the winter, and put on a comfortable soft sweater and heavy coat, wearing long-term hat and men's silk Men Scarf, walking in the creaky snow, no longer in the cold " The.
   Silk Men Scarf in many Men Scarf category, whether it is material or wearing effects, are the best. Silk Men Scarf is the only natural fiber fiber long fiber silk, is the warp and weft all woven with silk woven fabric. Silk Men Scarf looks silky, very close to the skin structure, feel like cashmere, especially for personal wear. Silk Men Scarf there is a big advantage is that silk can also be according to their own yellow to protect the skin, can be regarded as the second human skin.