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How To Match The Ladies Scarf To Get The Best Results

Sep 13, 2017

How to match the Ladies Scarf to get the best results
     Ms. scarves can not only protect the delicate skin from the cold wind damage, but also effectively prevent the body part of the heat loss, so as to achieve the role of the cold. And it also plays an important decorative role, decorated in the neck of the Ladies Scarf can make the overall dress with the effect looks more perfect, can become the finishing touch of the pen.
All kinds of Ladies Scarf, how to match to get the best results? Next we give you a few ways to introduce, we can try.
1, the skin is more yellow women need to avoid the purple and yellow, you can choose the lake blue, milk white, green lady scarf, this will make their face in the face of the Ladies Scarf look more white.
2, some people are more full, the neck is relatively short, with a lady when the scarf must pay more attention. Wearing a shirtless when the shirt can be equipped with a soft, small floral-shaped Ladies Scarf; wear high-necked sweaters, do not have a small square, but with a hanging to the chest of the long yarn The towel is better. Color and do not choose too bright, but to choose the relatively low purity of the deep sapphire blue, purple, dark green and brown and so on.
     3, for the slim figure of the woman, it is recommended to choose a rich lemon yellow, orange and fruit green, because in the crowd there will be jumping, eye-catching role.
4, some women's face more fat, then you can choose a small striped or small flower style scarf with, do not choose the big flower of the Ladies Scarf. In the color can choose dark green, black, dark blue, brown and eggplant purple and so on.
5, if your body is moderate, the skin is very white, the neck is also very slender, then it is very suitable for wearing more beautiful Ladies Scarf, such as pink, bright yellow, blue, rose red and so on. In the pattern can choose large flowers, large lattice, scatter type, or abstract combination of color blocks can be. This will make you look more wise, energetic, capable.
 If you are now to the Ladies Scarf factory inside to casually turn around, you can see the long shape, square and other shapes of the Ladies Scarf, that is thin as a solitary silk lady scarf, there are soft as sponge sweater lady scarf , As well as colorful cashmere lady scarf, cotton lady scarf, really all kinds of colors are, colorful so that you dizzying.
     It is understood that the use of Ladies Scarf with the user's age, gender and different. Young people wear the main play is the role of decoration, while the elderly is to keep warm neck needs.
    In fact, Ladies Scarf are not just warm, decorative, cleaning supplies, and it is still a health care products. When the weather is getting cold, if the body exposed the larger the area, then the body will be more distributed heat, the woman's scarf around the neck, the biggest use is to play a cold and warm health care role.
    However, the use of Ladies Scarf also need to pay attention to health. Some people are accustomed to the Ladies Scarf around the mouth, as a mask to use, this is actually very unsanitary. Because the women's scarf raw materials are mostly wool fabric and chemical fiber fabric, more or less will be with some of the material is not conducive to human health, and women's scarves in the course of their use will be contaminated with bacteria, if you put the lady scarf around the mouth, People in the breath, it is possible to fiber and bacteria into the respiratory tract, the health of a certain impact.
In addition, some young mothers like to use the nylon scarf to cover the child, this approach is very detrimental to the child's health. To know that although Ms. Nylon scarf is thin, but the textile is relatively dense, breathable is very poor, if the cover in the child's face, it will affect the breathing, resulting in lack of oxygen, will damage the brain tissue, plus nylon Ms. scarf is a chemical fiber fabric, infants and young children's skin is very delicate, it will be easily stimulated to allergy. So, to remind you can not use nylon scarves to cover the baby's face.