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Hundreds Of Scarf, The Mood For Love

Apr 09, 2016

A ray of sunshine, a scarf, a bowl of chicken soup, probably can be tied into the most warm in the autumn. The sun is only one, is about three to five kind of chicken soup, and the style scarf, break off the start index to the morning can't finish the number. Like the mood for love of you, every time differently. 

No matter you are practical and you still free and easy at random, a red scarf can play out N kind of change. Love her shoulders, in warm or prevent bask in, the designer has been close to hollow out with two wear arm for you; Love directly around the shoulder wind, soft and close skin, like a love a spoiled little animals. 

Scarf the original usage, simple to a hanging on the neck, then ill hand remnants can meimei dalai. Want to unlock this basic model, you need to find out the closet that nothing special foundation, then choose your favorite scarf design can be completed, is convenient to the outrageous.

Advanced circumference method is easy, actually also is almost the scarf in hand shake to shoulder a, the place where love slipping up mention, the pursuit of this "have to" almost directness with optional sense. Don't say, deserve to go up a hat and sunglasses, people must think what a diva "traveling incognito"? 

Further advanced circumference method, derived from shows and street snap, once media disclosure will capture many fashionistas. Although need a belt to cooperate, but also super simple, actually is nothing but choose a length width scarf shawl for you figure, you can fold a lapel, like model can also reserve the fold let nature take its course, the beam waist belt at the waist, wear a good mood.