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Internet + "or Bring Personalized Mass Customization

Dec 11, 2015

Past on November 11,Tmall sold 91.2 billion yuan within 24 hours, once again made electricity the legend of The Times, let a person plaint in China's huge potential for consumption at the same time, also make the colour in the "Internet +" is more mysterious. However, as Chinese clothing association, vice chairman Chen guoqiang said, consumer Internet is just the tip of the iceberg, "Internet +" real "Internet +" is the interconnection of the industry, the more potential. 

At present, countries around the world are focus on manufacturing industry, some of China's manufacturing orders are being lost, China's manufacturing industry structure is changing. But made in China has a lot of resources, the key is how to connect together, this depends on the cloud. 

——Chinese clothing association, vice chairman Chen guoqiang 

Made to "link the cloud wisdom" as the theme of 2015 China's textile and garment cloud manufacturing peak BBS held in guangdong humen. BBS discusses how to through the wisdom cloud integration of textile and clothing industry resources, intelligent to coordinate and optimize the management and operation, provide products with high added value, reduce the cost and the globalization of services. China textile industry association, vice President of ChangSunRuiZhe, vice secretary of guangdong province humen ZhenWei RuanXue Chen to attend the meeting.