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Knitted Scarf, Summer Sun To Enhance Temperament

Sep 25, 2017

Knitted Scarf, summer sun to enhance temperament
  Knitted Scarf refers to the silk as raw material processing and production of scarves. Nowadays, Knitted Scarf is not only a rare exquisite decorations, but also presented a valuable gift of friends and family. Of course, Knitted Scarf thin and beautiful, women wear to add infinite charm.
   Silk is called "fiber queen", with its unique charm by the ancient people of all ages. Silk, is a protein fiber, silk fibroin contains 18 kinds of beneficial amino acids, can help the skin to maintain the surface of the lipid membrane metabolism, it can keep the skin moist and smooth.
 Knitted Scarf is one of the timeless scarves, and its value is not to devalue the scarf. Because the cashmere is the root of wool and pork skin above the hair called cashmere, is a very precious textile raw materials, low content, high quality, expensive is a veritable soft gold. Natural Knitted Scarf smooth, soft, and flexible, soft and soft feel so you have a noble enjoyment. Glossy soft, Knitted Scarf with fine glaze of fine features, that silky soft natural luster, with a charming temptation. Knitted Scarf has a good hygroscopicity and breathability, around the neck, feel comfortable, with a strong natural flavor.
Summer has come, the closet sunscreen Knitted Scarf is indispensable. Knitted Scarf seems to be "intimate love", as long as you use her, she will do everything we can to make you a new woman like water. Silk sunscreen Knitted Scarf thin breathable a towel multi-purpose, digital printing process colorful. Whether you are experiencing air conditioning room cold or hot summer, will bring you intimate care. However, some people think that sunscreen Knitted Scarf cheap just fine, not knowing that the chemical fiber sunscreen Knitted Scarf not only can not play the role of sunscreen, but also easy to hurt the skin!
Knitted Scarf Material Identification Method
1 number identification method
    Chinese-made satin is made up of 5-digit Arabic numerals, which are numbered from the left. The first digit represents the material number of the fabric, the whole silk fabric (including silk and silk) is "1", the chemical fiber fabric "2", blended fabric is "3", tussah silk fabric is "4", rayon fabric is "5". It is understood that the current sales of imported silk in the silk are no silk fabric, such as Joe yarn, soft posture yarn, Zhu Li pattern, etc., these are chemical fiber fabrics, so no uniform brand of imported silk.
2 price identification method
    Knitted Scarf is about twice the price of chemical fiber, imitation silk satin. Luster, feel recognition method: the sample flat appearance of its appearance, silk has the performance of light absorption, looks smooth and smooth mirror, glossy and elegant, pearl bright, soft and elegant, silk thread, , The higher the purity, the greater the density of silk feel better; imitation silk fabric, although the hardened handle, feel more soft, but the silk surface dark, no pearl luster; chemical fiber fabric shiny bright, dazzling, feel more stiff. Silk Knitted Scarf slightly scratch the feeling of the two layers of fabric friction, will produce "silk" sound, and other raw materials, no fabric.
3 burning method
    Take part of the yarn burning, silk can not see the open fire, there is the taste of burning hair, silky gray into a small particle, you can hand crush; imitation silk fire flames, plastic taste, the edge of the fire will leave hard Of the plastic block. Knitted Scarf high shrinkage, the purchase of finished products to choose the actual size of the specifications than the actual one is appropriate.However, if it is selected silk in the high-end, it is best to take dry cleaning.