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Men Knitted Scarf Choose A Law

Nov 06, 2017

Men Knitted Scarf choose a law
Men's Knitted Scarf, Knitted Scarf with the same choice of body clothing can be described as entry-level match, such as black and white grid, navy striped knit scarf is absolutely wild. If you want to come up with a bit of creativity, you can choose similar to a female shawl pull the bib, this hedging design to avoid the shawl feminine and procrastination.
1. Short and fat body, especially upper body sturdy men should use a simple pattern, darker colors, a single kind of loose knit knitted or Knitted Scarf, Knitted Scarf, because dark people reduce the visual sense of convergence.
2. Shoulder narrow or slippery shoulder, the use of longer Knitted Scarf, the knit scarf at both ends of the ramp to take the shoulder hanging behind, the visual will make the shoulder becomes relatively generous.
3. The longer the neck, men can choose thicker and longer Knitted Scarf, so as to surround the neck and take the shoulder, this will make the neck was significantly shorter.
4 darker skin, should not use light-colored Knitted Scarf, neutral color depth is better, while the skin is more white people choose a softer tone Knitted Scarf.
5 thin-skinned people, should use simple and elegant style, simple and elegant Knitted Scarf, but the color should be used warm colors.
Fashion Comments: black and white T stack through the bottom, a tender pink jumpsuit, although the cut and version are quite casual, but the silk fabrics, and wrap the chest lotus folds designed to give people feel elegant and generous. Outside wearing a camel fur jacket, put on light cream brown high heels, comfortable and warm.
Fashion Comments: The black leather bag seems a bit heavy cold, the bright pink orange velvet cotton knit scarf around the bag for decoration, a faint silence suddenly was blown eye powder break. The same is warm, can be better together, not unexpected.
Fashion Comments: Black stereo oblique striped woolen coat, waist Slim cut, just highlight the waist curve, has been covered with thighs, warm and comfortable. Black leggings with brown knees, and finally wearing a black plush hat, simple and elegant dark winter with.
Fashion Comments: sometimes more heavy dress, but also dressed in hair, coat collar is stand up again, then knit scarf feel very cumbersome. At this point the camel plush Knitted Scarf tied gray-green bag, the whole set of elegant and elegant dress more warm.
Fashion Comments: ink blue cotton dress for long section shirt, the same can be coupled with pants. A waistband leopard line waistband outlined brown. Long paragraph YY wear a casual feeling, but accompanied by accessories in the waist you can show the waist line. The following is a light and comfortable light blue jeans, wearing a light brown wool coat.
Fashion Comments: Dark gray leather bag a bit too common, wrapped in rabbit hair Knitted Scarf look cute, with the same with the wool coat together, whether it is the role of hue or progressive layers of effect, add winter atmosphere.
Fashion Comments: a gray-green floral chiffon dress, seemingly old-fashioned, but the MM combination of gray, khaki sweaters, and black riders leather mix and match, like the opposite young vigor. Step on the black Martin boots, all the hair tied up, put on the black hoop, handsome agile.
Fashion Comments: a thick red minimalist bag, tied with black and white white ethnic patterned Knitted Scarf, echoing the upper body black leather; the same time with the red with red satchel to become the highlight of the body at the same time, scarves and bags belt To taste.