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Men's Men Scarf Can Wear A Classic And Dazzling Sense

Sep 13, 2017

Men's Men Scarf can wear a classic and dazzling sense
     In a few years ago, found such a phenomenon, that is relative to the woman, the Men Scarf for men, in fact, more of its function is only used. Only need to have a warm men can be a scarf, and never noticed the beauty of men scarves and decorative.
     To this time now, Men Scarf has gradually become an important men's accessories, and even it is not inferior to the pen, watches and cufflinks and other men have always loved the items, at the same time, it has become a lot of designers in the hands of Another very shining work.
     For men, whether it is the boys in the library-like stripes long Men Scarf, or the street mixed with long Men Scarf knitting, or is full of wild style Men Scarf, they are in the man's chest swaying , Both full of temptation and subtle, pass out a kind of natural and natural temperament. This time the Men Scarf has basically blurred its original cold function, and more emphasis on its decorative.
It is like a summer pendant, can be used with a different dress, a man to attract the hearts of women love the focus, and it is definitely a best style of their own clothing style.
In fact, men's Men Scarf can wear a woman's kind of classic and dazzling sense. For example, a simple scarf lining in the shirt inside, both a sense of gentleman, and will not appear old-fashioned, this method is to adjust the body with a very good choice, especially for men with elegant temperament. And slender Men Scarf only need to lie through the knee like, and then arbitrarily wrapped around the neck a few laps, so you will always have a little lazy and decadent temperament. In addition, the linen Men Scarf so that men will look more comfortable and natural, it seems not so bloated, and occasionally some small elements to join will show the kind of man's atmosphere, so as to increase your more Charm temperament.
 Now, Men Scarf has long been no longer a woman's exclusive products, it is also autumn and winter men's clothing indispensable a kind of embellishment. Tassel men scarves, floral scarves, and even bright colors of the long ribbon scarves, have become one of the increasingly important elements of men's fashion. Next we come to understand the Men Scarf a variety of fashion Wai law.
Balance the circumference method: 1, the first Men Scarf around the neck, before and after the cross-knot each other; 2, in front of that section of a Men Scarf from the back of the neck around; 3. from the back of the Men Scarf through the gap The
France to break the law: 1, the first Men Scarf around the neck to play a knot, at the knot to leave a little gap; 2, the right side of the Men Scarf around the left that section, and then through the gap; The Men Scarf from the gap out.
1, the Men Scarf around the neck above the right side of the one on the head; 2, the right end from the middle of the gap through; 3. This section from the gap in the back, leaving some overlap.
     Long Men Scarf method is a lot of people's troubles, so then we learn to learn the Men Scarf department method.
    Set the tongue knot method: tongue knot method is to first Men Scarf around the neck, and then the right side of the Men Scarf from the middle of the gap through, and then from the gap in the back, and then stay part of the overlap, if too Long words can be "tongue" dragging some Oh.
Winding method: simply put the Men Scarf folded into the strip set on the neck, and then cross the front after the winding to the neck, then tied to a knot, and then the front of the Men Scarf to pull it to the bottom of the natural sagging, this method is not only Simple, and very tidal range of modeling children.
Light line method: easy to Men Scarf around the neck around a circle, around the cross, the effect is very beautiful and moving, you can make a person up to a second Oh
One before the Department of law: one after the Men Scarf folded into two halves, and then arbitrarily set in the neck, so that they can look very playful.
Shawl method: the so-called shawl system is a large piece of Men Scarf fold, and then simply tied, with the shoulder, a second can become very fashionable Oh fashion However, you can also sum up more ways in practice.