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Men's Scarves Selection Method

Oct 24, 2017

Men's Scarves selection method
Men's Scarves, choose the same color with the body of the Scarves can be described as entry-level match, such as black and white grid, the navy striped Scarves is absolutely wild. If you want to point out the bit of creativity, you can choose similar to the female shawl hedging collar, this hedge design to avoid the shawl feminization and procrastination.
1. short and fat body, especially the upper body sturdy men should choose simple pattern, the color is darker, the color of a single loose knitted scarves or silk scarves, because the dark people have to narrow the visual sense of convergence effect.
2. Shoulder narrow or shoulders, choose lengthened Scarves, the Scarves at both ends of the oblique ride to the back of the shoulder hanging, the visual will make the shoulder relative to become more generous.
3. Long neck, men can choose thickened Scarves, so around the neck and shoulder, this will make the neck was short.
4. skin darker people, should not use light-colored Scarves, neutral color deep as well, and the skin of white people to choose a more soft tone Scarves.
5. thin body, should choose the style simple and simple style, plain elegant Scarves, but the color should be used in warm colors.
The smaller the more simple things most easily overlooked, we are too much attention to coats, shoes, pants, backpacks, but. The Scarves is an important part of the transition between the neck of the accessories. Now its decorative role has been more than its original power - warm. So a winter Scarves can not be a single fashion goods.
Autumn and winter, the major high-end show field, fashion street beat, we can often see the emergence of scarves, Europe and the United States men like to bring a Scarves, and there are many men wearing short sleeves will bring a Scarves. From which to see the importance of scarves for fashionable cutting-edge men dress. First of all, the Scarves has a high quality fabric can play a very good cold and warm function. Second, its decorative function is our most fancy, Scarves area is small, but it can be a lot of patterns, solid color, stripes, printing, lattice, etc., Scarves knot on too much. So that this is often overlooked by our little things, which choose the right Scarves and with the knowledge can be gone.
Simple and neat pure color, perhaps many fashion men's favorite bar. They are simple, easy to match a variety of styles of clothing, a little attention to the overall color of the unity is enough to create fashion LOOK.
And solid color is the corresponding pattern of sadness. Only so beautiful with exotic patterns and colors to be able to meet the fashion was Mensao men in the hearts of that hot flame it.
Striped pattern Scarves is neutral, they will not be too low-key, it will not be too publicity. Matching jacket or windbreaker are more common to wear the law, choose a good style and color, or some old-fashioned Oh,
Wearing these products containing chemical elements too much, easily lead to human discomfort, experts do not recommend to buy. Especially in the chemical fiber which will have a lot of additives, easily lead to skin eczema and even some like formaldehyde, heavy metals these harmful ingredients through the pores into the human body, there are some dyed dyed color more bright clothes, relative to the inside of the fuel part of the aniline compound content comparison High, easy to fade, bleaching on the human skin caused by allergies and even the risk of cancer.
Now a lot of scarves are the name of a new fabric, posted modal, bamboo charcoal fiber and other labels. These fabrics have deodorant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-ultraviolet, radiation, itching and other health care functions. Environmental protection experts advise that these new green textiles may not be as effective as their publicity.