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New Silk Ladies Scarf Personality Fashionable

Oct 13, 2017

A few cold wind blowing, silk Ladies Scarf debut compared to autumn and winter clothes even more fast, can not wait to be presented in the city streets. That section of light and soft, gorgeous bright lady's scarf, will rush and line, dressing woman wearing a graceful graceful gestures, gestures Wanfang, became a unique view of autumn and winter Jiangcheng touch.
Autumn and winter season, is the most appropriate woman to use silk scarf season. Because it is both co-ordination and elegant, but also to adapt to the autumn and wi nter temperatures, so women in the ladies scarf up and down the point of effort is not a disadvantage. Silk Ladies Scarf on the pattern, is now rich and special, there are Beijing opera mask, the ancient Egyptian head picture, cartoon paintings, etc., where the cultural flavor of the rich, are much loved. Silk Ladies Scarf color, it is rich and prosperous. Ladies Scarf is enough to help women render a warm and gorgeous autumn and winter. Rich rhythm and dynamic, is the theme of ladies scarves. With the help of bright colors and activities of the line composed of ladies scarves pattern, swept away the monotonous and dull autumn and winter, will be vibrant, light, bright, bright into them.
In addition, the use of ladies scarves has also been excavated in depth, no longer confined to the neck. According to the length of the size, or tied to the waist, or into the headdress, or hanging in the chest, tied in the package. Anyway where the decorations where bright. Can say, silk Ladies Scarf on the scenery, the more personality, the higher the fashion index.
 Elizabeth Taylor said: "Not a silk Ladies Scarf woman is the most promising woman." Audrey Hepburn also once said: "When I wear silk scarf, I never felt so clearly Is a woman, a beautiful woman, I have only one shirt, a skirt, a beret, a pair of shoes, but there are 14 scarves.
This is the charm of Ms. silk scarf. In today's color silk ladies scarves popular era, how reasonable with the correct system, in order to show the perfect figure in the crowd, is already the pursuit of the goal of most women. The following is a simple silk Ladies Scarf clever body of the method.
If you have a slender neck, then lucky you can put a variety of styles of silk Ladies Scarf method boldly try. For example: the silk Ladies Scarf simply "tied" in the neck. As for what kind of binding method, for the slender neck of the women, are able to try.
If your neck is shorter, for Ms. silk scarf color, texture and the Department of law is more critical of the point. It is recommended to pick a little thin silk Ladies Scarf, do not cover the neck too much, but also must not be in the center of the neck scarf, to try to tie low, the formation of V-shaped, then the visual can extend the neck unit. For those who are too complex or too large pattern of silk Ladies Scarf will make the neck look shorter.
Finally, the effect of silk Ladies Scarf to play and the proportion of the body. Petite exquisite beauty to avoid too much too thick ladies scarves and so on.
Choose a suitable for her silk scarf, for shaping the perfect body of the plan to complete more than half, but also increase the charm of women and self-confidence magic.
Ms. scarves can not only protect the delicate skin from the cold wind damage, but also effectively prevent the body part of the heat loss, so as to achieve the role of the cold. And it also plays an important decorative role, decorated in the neck of the ladies scarf can make the overall dress with the effect looks more perfect, can become the finishing touch of the pen.
All kinds of ladies scarf, how to match to get the best results? Next we give you a few ways to introduce, we can try.
1, the skin is more yellow women need to avoid the purple and yellow, you can choose the lake blue, milk white, green Ladies Scarf, this will make their face in the face of the ladies scarf look more white.
2, some people are more full, the neck is relatively short, with a Ladies Scarf when the scarf must pay more attention. Wearing a shirtless when the shirt can be equipped with a soft, small floral-shaped ladies scarves; wear high-necked sweaters, do not have a small square, but with a hanging to the chest of the long yarn The towel is better. Color and do not choose too bright, but to choose the relatively low purity of the deep sapphire blue, purple, dark green and brown and so on.