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On Textile And Apparel In 2016: Grasp The Three Major Parts

Dec 26, 2015

Year-to-date, textile and clothing sector has risen, outperform nearly 70%, textile and clothing sectors were ranked the top reason in where? Improved demand side? What the investment opportunities and thinking of the next year? Best analysts - 2015 Oriental wealth prominent hai-yan guo, an analyst at cicc textile and apparel industry, told reporters that the textile and clothing sector this year led by reason mainly has two aspects, the first is the background and the whole macro economy, the diversity of channel expansion of the competition of brand resources; The second is the middle of a brand clothing plate some structural changes; The third is the plate down, but the cash flow is better, small market, the market for plate transformation and reorganization is expected to exist. 

In addition, hai-yan guo said, textile and garment industry demand side structural change is very obvious, grasp the structural change of the company will have a good performance. Hai-yan guo pointed out that, in view of the textile and clothing sector next year, can grasp the three main line, population structure change of sports consumption, her economic and business transformation. Hai-yan guo reminded investors, however, need to pay attention to the two big risks, cotton prices and the influence of the pact is the influence of the medium and long term.