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Origins Scarf

Jul 19, 2016

Speaking of Europe from Roman scarf there, will use Sudarium that "sweat cloth" to wipe their faces after the Romans exercise. Sudarium later became the most fashionable accessories Roman times, surrounded by the neck or as a band after kink is the prototype of a scarf. There is a saying that is said, scarves originated in 17th century France. France was waging war to neighboring Spain, Austria, France sent troops to support, and on the neck of every Austrian soldiers are wearing a white scarf as a symbol of this popular symbol of King Louis XIV of France's appreciation and love, and soon will be in the palace and the army spread. Triumphal return to Paris when everyone end up with a colored neck scarf to show to celebrate the victory. Later, scarves and many from the palace of fashion accessories like, spread to the private sector, and to develop more and more style.