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Print Scarf Control The Main Colors

Aug 22, 2017

Print Scarf control the main colors

Hue one: camel

Is the most preferred type of color, the camel is indeed very calm color, most of the boys do not like too fancy decoration, they hope to be dressed to create a stable and give a solid image , So the camel scarf is a very good choice, from the general young office workers, to the company general manager or even big boss, you can use camel Print Scarf, for their own men's flavor extra points. (The man's black coat is also a taste of outstanding single product, cut the British Ting is the best trait)

Tone two: earth color

This kind of earth color with a little pattern of printing scarves is also a very good choice, do not want to use everyone used camel Print Scarf, then the earth color printing scarf can be another consideration, the earth color can also be out of men Calm, if the big earth color lines with a Print Scarf, will bring a little fancy angry, you can show another set of texture. The color of the scarf of this man is quite contrasting to his color

Tone three: orange brown

Orange brown for the fresh people just out of the community, with some calm and also bring some lively, such as pictures in the boys, with a look of morality, the use of this color printing scarves, excellent exposure to youthful atmosphere.

Hue four: wine red

Wine red scarf is also considered a symbol of masculine, with some design sense, in general, wine red scarf is not so easy to match (with black clothes will not be wrong), but if you want to choose outside the black clothes Clothes to match, is not so easy, but the words come back, if the choice of the color of the clothes to match, then the excellent effect is unparalleled, as shown in the figure, the color deployment is quite perfect, people's texture and thus be highlighted It is very designer texture.

Hue five: blue

Blue print scarf is also a lot of calm men's love products, blue print scarf is also very good with, put aside the black do not speak, take the brown clothes, but also gives a man full of visual effects, looks texture Extraordinary

Tone 6: dark blue

Dark blue Print Scarf with a symbol of calm, slightly lighter blue there is a youthful atmosphere Oh, look at the figure of men, light blue Print Scarf to catch a purple sweater, very dazzling dress it, coupled with his one with Red factor hair, very conspicuous appearance, sportsman in the men.

Hue seven: white

White print scarf will make people think of the beach in the Chow Yun-fat or singer Liu Wenzheng, the overall shape with appropriate, white print scarf can be quite taste, and romantic tiles, the figure of men's white print scarf is not chic atmosphere, but a Kind of more feminine taste, but I quite recommend Asian boys can try white print scarf, I personally think that Asian boys to wear white scarf wearing a better than foreign boys, more flavor, think Chow Yun Fat can understand my meaning friends.

Hue eight: red

Red gives a very dynamic and passionate feeling. Print Scarf Wearing a red collar in winter will make people feel that you are very warm, but also make the face of the white