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Riding A Raincoat Is A Good Choice For Rain Or A Good Raincoat

Jun 05, 2017

 Poncho Is it good to choose a raincoat or a raincoat? Usually work on the bike is a bike, due to the recent rain is abundant, on the way to work, while the umbrella side of the ride, feeling too insecure; then think of starting a raincoat, but some colleagues said raincoat is not good, inconvenient Riding, poncho will be better, easy to wear is also easy to ride; also colleagues said raincoats are good, have their own argument, I have some tangled, in the end is the kind of good?

  Poncho In fact, the poncho is also a raincoat, poncho is only a raincoat, but the style is different, the poncho is generally used in cycling, such as electric wagon, bike poncho, motorcycle poncho, according to style can also be divided into open Of the poncho, pants, etc., the general production method of poncho is relatively simple, so the cost is relatively low, but the use of the crowd is more extensive, and now the rain pond style is also diverse, but are basically in the head of the rain Of the protection, a double-hat raincoat, helmet-style raincoats, etc., so the poncho is more and more easy to use. But the poncho is generally only to the calf above, so when riding the legs will be wet.

  Poncho The raincoat is made of waterproof cloth. Raincoat for waterproof fabrics are tape, tarpaulins and plastic film. Modern raincoat waterproof fabrics pay attention to breathability, commonly used as a special nylon. Breathable raincoat is conducive to people in the rain when the damp hot water from the raincoat shed, increase comfort.

  The poncho is a product that extends from the raincoat, is made of waterproof cloth, and is open, no sleeves. Yubi applicable waterproof fabric with tape, tarpaulins and plastic film. Modern poncho waterproof cloth pay attention to breathability, commonly used, such as special nylon and Gore-Tex and so on. Breathable pondering in the people wearing a rain when the hot and humid moisture from the raincoat shed, increase comfort.

  From the traditional sense of the poncho loose, there are personality, than the traditional raincoat comfortable, is a lot of climbers favorite