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Scarf Is A Kind Of "medicine" In The End Explain What Effect Scarves

Aug 29, 2015

If I ask, scarves doing here? 99% of people will answer warm, sun, in fact, you do not know much, scarves or a drug. Since that is a drug, and that in the end see what effect scarves, right? Scarf plant

Efficacy one: to prevent colds, garlic, green onions farewell. Are you still eat onion garlic prevent colds do, in fact, a scarf can be solved, in Chinese medicine, the neck is most easily into the winter cold place, if you can well protect your neck, even more than eating garlic onion effective. There are a lot of people wonder why I'm big summer will be cold, but not good for a long time? In fact most of them are air conditioning problems, low indoor temperature, outdoor temperature is very high, one high and one low lead you to decreased immunity, a scarf can help you Air conditioning disease prevention.

Efficacy II: less exposed neck, cervical spondylosis without interference. Chinese medicine believes that wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire six pathogenic factors, wind, cold topped the table. Neck full of blood vessels, there are many important points, such as a Dazhui upper cervical spine, Fengchi, and extending to the shoulder Jianjing Xue. So, winter is the season of high incidence of cervical disease, so you can block a scarf cold, away from the disease.