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Scarf Scarves Manufacturers Tell You The Origin Of

Aug 29, 2015

Since Pangu saying, when the world into the early, Feng Feng wing, all Rongrong, near to wonder millions of years too holy. When the parties to the Yellow Emperor Chi war era, when the ruling monarch Chi style similar to the European Vikings to pillage as the only means of development. By its ruling class guarded, militancy, to generate crack beast for the glory, each warrior will kill the beast fur collar that decorate the glory, a move that needs to be recognized leader in order to do it, and to have leaders announced entry into force and the promise of higher status in the group. Even ordinary warrior captured the beast does not get recognized leader still no act, and must be turned over. As a class symbol, a symbol of animal skins brought nobility title. The trophy skins as rewards distributed to those worthy of recognition, and this is the world's first "scarves" and then a "skins Scarf" This product is not just warm in order to satisfy the physical needs, but as a kind of spiritual comfort and encouragement. This is the origin of our oriental scarf.

West scarves origins date back to the 17th century, when the French war to neighboring Spain, Austria sent troops to support France, Austria, on each soldier's neck wearing a white scarves as a symbol of this sign popular appreciation of French King Louis XIV and love, and soon spread in the palace and the army open. Triumphal return to Paris when everyone is in a neck knot colored scarves, to show to celebrate the victory.