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Scarf Teach You Warm Winter

Nov 20, 2015

So cold in winter in nature is little not a warm scarf, scarf and sweater is a good partner, want to take the winter item with good-looking isn't difficult at all, appreciate the small make up for everybody learns to collection of pictures.

Ginger yellow sweater black leather skirt collocation, restore ancient ways with modern perfect collision, fur scarf add costly feeling, looking at more dignified.

National wind sweater dress is very Bohemian, and big plaid light grey scarf, delicate tassel ornament, and Bohemian get echo.

Gray sweater with ink printing pencil skirts of the wind, appear elegant and delicate, wave point stockings and serpentine boots are modern sheet is tasted, light up the details. Wide stripe scarf around at random is very beautiful, warm, have a van.