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Scarf Weaving Method

Jun 05, 2017

 Scarf weaving method: preparation work

  Required materials: wool (trade, shopping malls are sold), two wool sign (preferably the kind of thick, weaving will be more beautiful, while more trouble). Also, a patient.

  Time required: the first time weaving, a week is enough (2 to 3 hours a day can be).

  Scarf weaving method: start winding

  1, the first line in the No. 1 sign to make a knot.

  Note: Do not be too big, the Department of ordinary about it. In order to prevent the spread of wool at the beginning.

  2, with the right hand will be wrapped around the first line of wool on the first sign. The process is shown in Figure 1.

  Note: Do not be too tight. To be able to insert another wool line is appropriate. To the male woven scarves, 30 needle is enough (that is, the right hand wrapped around 30).

  3, began to weave scarves. Generally up and down the needle will look better. Flat needle can be, but not beautiful. In fact, the needle is a needle on the first needle (that is, flat needle), and then a needle down the needle under the repeated weaving, so called the upper and lower needle. As long as the master of the needle under the needle weaving, it almost be woven it!

  4, woven to the desired length, if it is a girl, you can add some need. If it is boys, do not have friends.

  Scarf weaving method: pattern weave

  Crossed ribbed needle (4-pin multiple plus 2-pin)

  The first line: (positive) repeatedly woven "2-pin, 2-pin", the last left 2-pin when the needle

  The second line: repeated woven "2-pin, 2-pin", and finally left 2-pin are woven under the needle

  The third line: "2 needle, the right cross (that is, down 2 needle and 1 pin but not from the needle on the off, and then knitting the first needle, and then the 2 needle from the needle on the off) Repeat the above needle method, the last left 2 knitted needle.

  The fourth line is the same as the second weave

  Repeat the above four lines of the weaving is crossed rib needle.