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Scarves Cleaning Method

Aug 29, 2015

(1) selection of a neutral detergent without fluorescent agent.

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(2) to 20 degrees Celsius warm water washing. Clean water to maintain a certain temperature, the first detergent is completely dissolved in warm water 20 degrees Celsius in the back.

(3) Be sure to do first faded water testing. The scarf edge or inconspicuous dip a little water, then white towel pressed. If a slight fade phenomenon, do avoid washing.

(4) rapidly folded after rinsing. The scarf neatly folded, and then hand fixed folds quickly into the water, rocking back and forth rinse surface dirt.

(5) in a folded state wring, rinsed again spread. Eighth the size of the scarf folded, gently wring. Then back to a clean warm water, repeating steps (4) twice.

(6) treated with softener. To prevent static electricity and increase flexibility, you can use special clothing softener, do the last rinse with warm water, wring.

(7) The silk towel Juanzhu spread. The scarves spread out, flat on a towel, rolled along the edge of a cylindrical shape, in order to fully drain water.

(8) placed in a well-ventilated place to dry. After removal of water, the scarf completely spread out, hanging on a rack, placed in the room is not the sun place to dry (due silk fabric fade in the sun exposure, should pay special attention).