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Scarves The Function Of The Shawl!

Oct 13, 2017

Scarves are both a substitute for a hat and a continuation of a hat. It may be wind, sand, warm, but also for women, male body decorated decoration. In a sense, Scarves shawl's decorative function has exceeded its practical value. In cold climates, people will wear thick Scarves shawls woven with wool to keep warm. In a dry, dusty, or airy area, people can wrap a thin Scarves on the head to keep the hair clean. With the development of time, this habit has become a lot of culture in the trend of women's clothing.
Scarves represent personal taste, personality and preferences. Scarves is a woman fluttering emotions, always inadvertently gently revealed. Scarves is a female personal paint box, especially for work and can not wear colorful fashionable professional women, as long as one side Scarves, immediately make the ordinary clothes hyperchromic.
Each Scarves, each play and each match are reflected in the different women of different mentality and feelings, but also has been added to the charm of women the most effective decoration! Say that women are sent to the earth of God, is the spring peach , Summer lotus, autumn osmanthus, winter plum.
Texture decided to feel. Scarves have a variety of different texture, silk background exquisite, chiffon add charming, linen show simple, wool express warmth, etc., however, no matter what kind of texture, the more smooth the surface feel the more formal, Flowers or raised textures give people a sense of leisure.
Round face
Face more richer people, in order to make facial contours seem fresh and thin, the key is to Scarves sagging part of the stretch as much as possible, emphasizing the vertical sense, and pay attention to keep the integrity of the vertical lines from head to toe, try not to interrupt The When you are knotted, choose those knot styles for personal dress styles, such as diamond knots, rhombus flowers, roses, heart knots, cross knots, etc., to avoid overlapping in the neck, too horizontal and layered texture too strong Of the knot.
Long face
Around the horizontal system can be developed to show the collar of the hazy sense of elegance, and weaken the face of a longer feeling. Such as lily knot, necklace, double knot, etc., in addition, Scarves can also be twisted into a slightly thick rod-shaped, the Department of the bow-shaped, not too tight, try to make Scarves naturally sagging, rendering hazy feel.
Inverted triangular face
From the forehead to the jaw, the width of the face gradually narrowed down the triangular face of the people, giving a harsh impression and facial monotonous feeling. Scarves at this time can be used to make the neck full of layers, to a luxurious tie style, there will be very good results. Such as leaves with roses knot, necklace, blue and white knot and so on. Pay attention to reduce the number of Scarves around, sagging triangular parts as far as possible natural start, to avoid the system was too tight, and pay attention to the horizontal level of knot.
Square face
Cheeks wide, forehead, mandibular width and the length of the face is basically the same square face of the people, easy to give people a lack of soft feeling. Department of Scarves try to do around the neck clean and agile, and in the chest to play some strong sense of knot, coupled with simple lines of the coat, the interpretation of a noble temperament. Scarves flower type can choose the basic flower, nine words knot, long towel roses and so on.