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Shawl Will Teach You More Beautiful

Apr 01, 2016

The cold winter has long been regarded as the bane of fashion, in the cold temperatures, as if we can neither concave shape, also can not beautiful legs. Make a lot of girls. Good but it doesn't matter, still have a warm and fashionable artifact can help you, that is the shawl. Beautiful scarf is not only fashion but also very warm, is the girls in the winter item not to be missed! 

Sunken modelling beautiful leg shawl teach you beautiful not frozen 

Tips:Blue shirt + shawl + black high heels 

Blue shirts with shawls, very modern, with a pair of black high heels, appear more slender legs thin, if girl will feel cold, add a black leggings collocation also is very good. 

Tips:Blue sweater + orange bust skirt + black high heels, blue shawl 

Blue sweater with the blue shawl, generous and elegant, deserve to go up again a skirts of orange and black high heels, very attention getter. 

Tips:White shirt + shawl + ripped jeans + black high heels 

White shirt match shawls, simple and warm, with a hole in jeans and a pair of black high heels, beautiful leg to show out. 

Tips:White knit sweater + red plaid shawl, black leather pants and black boots 

White knitting sweater is tie-in black leather pants and the simple, warm, deserve to go up again a red plaid shawl, very bright eye. 

Tips:Big shawl + black sweater + white tights + black boots 

Big cape with a belt, either as a shawl, also can treat as coat, black boots, very fashionable. 

Tips:The shawl + black leggings 

Cape tie-in black leggings, show thin to wear simple and fashionable. 

Tips:The shawl + blue jeans + flat shoes 

Cape collocation is modified legs dark blue jeans, thin and handsome. 

Tips:Color matching shawl + red belt + wide-legged pants + white cloth shoes 

Color matching shawl is very warm, with a red belt in the waist, thin and fashionable. 

Tips:Color matching shawl + + black sweater, blue jeans boots 

Color matching shawl on black sweater, very warm, deserve to go up again a dark blue jeans, big long legs so take out.