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Shawls And Scarves Collection Method

Jul 11, 2016

If you want to be able to not have to burn when the scarf can be used directly, I believe that will greatly increase the frequency of use, take this opportunity to introduce you to is not easy to produce four kinds of ruffles, and easy to find and do not take up space in the collection method. You may wish to try the actual need.

(1) can be used to hang the suit pants hangers, scarf folded into a state that can be used immediately suspended and with clamps, access is very convenient.

(2) the use of a small collection of thick cardboard drawers, you can choose the width of about 750px products, will be folded into 1/4 again folded scarf collection.

(3) the number of folded scarves on a hanger and use clothespins fixed peg fear will leave marks on the scarf, then, can be sandwiched between thick paper clip and scarf.

(4) The scarf folded into quarter size, into the inner layer of the multilayer folder, collection, as long as the folder flat, will not produce creases, but at a glance.

Due to the use of scarves from seasonal restrictions, so the collection will not be relatively long. If it is a little long in the collection, use the following two methods:

(1) The first is the use of a core wrap, fold the scarf will roll in plastic wrap on the core, does not occupy space, but also to prevent creases.

(2) The second is to use the laundry bag saved, hung on hangers on the scarves and shawls preservation cover a laundry bag to prevent dust.