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Silk Brushed Advantages And Disadvantages

Aug 29, 2015

Winter scarves are essential accessories, the Spring Festival approaching, the market in addition to the traditional cashmere, wool scarf, also appeared in a new brushed silk scarves, silk scarf this superfine fleece processing technology development The latest high-end silk products, so that the traditional silk completely "face" on a cold day without breaking the silk scarves around the limitations.

It sided with the traditional silk weaving different, brushed silk scarves with 100% natural high-quality three-dimensional weaving pure silk, warm and better. Brushed called "the body's second skin", scarves surface ventilation holes, similar to human skin tissue, suitable for human micro-climate requirements, and very soft, so fenced very comfortable, not like cashmere, wool texture neck tie scarves have problems, while warm, moisturizing and health.

 With brushed silk scarves popular, now there have been many banner of "brushed" banner without "silk" of the real scarf on the market, experts, and hands touched by seeing to identify the authenticity of silk brushed scarf and the pros and cons. Brushed natural selection of high-quality pure silk scarves made of silk soft gloss, non-glare, while chemical fiber fabric luster not soft, bright glare; high-quality brushed silk scarves, soft, close to the skin smooth and comfortable. For consumers, the most straightforward way to differentiate is with fire. If the silk as raw material, there is the smell when burned, it is difficult continued burning, it will be self-extinguishing, ash in powder form. The chemical products are petroleum refining, it would burn cabbage while no protein smell when burned. When cashmere and silk burning almost need only be able to distinguish between the naked eye