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Silk Clothing Wrinkle Resistance

Aug 29, 2015

Shengzhou Hui crown scarf plant introduced to wrinkle resistance silk dress was somewhat less than the fiber, it is "not true does not wrinkle silk," he said. After washing clothes, such as wrinkling, need ironing before the crisp, elegant and beautiful. Ironing clothes dry to Qicheng dry again evenly mist of water, to be 3-5 minutes and then hot, ironing temperature should be controlled at 150 ° C or less. Iron should not touch directly on the silk surface, in order to avoid the aurora.

Collection silk dress on thin underwear, shirts, pants, skirts, pajamas, first wash clean, dry and then iron collection. Washable inconvenience autumn and winter clothing, jacket surface, cheongsam use dry cleaning methods to wash clean, ironed far, to prevent mildew, a bore. After ironing, it can also play the role of sterilization pest control. At the same time, store the boxes of clothing, counter to maintain a clean, try to seal to prevent dust pollution.