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Simple but not "simple" striped scarf

Sep 24, 2016

With the changes of the times and the changes of values, stripes have become the trend of the fashion world. The pattern of stripes is a regular arrangement, so it gives a strong sense of order. Looking at today's international arena, we can almost any conference or creative display, you can find the trace of the stripes.


Striped scarf simple law, the pattern has the sense of beauty, so the design of the designer striped scarf is to highlight its simplicity, the atmosphere. Style selection is simple, the color and the fabric of the control to become the key. In terms of color, the choice of color matching is not conflict, mainly to highlight the overall fringe.


Striped scarf design reflects the direction of the stripes, movement and its unique changes, so that the Striped Scarf more dynamic, simple and not simple.