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Spring/summer 2016 Fashion Colour & Design Trend

Apr 15, 2016

Deep blue 

On the basis of the black dark tonal also stepped into the new design trends. Aquatic organisms and tonal application in light of woven shirt and dress on the corrugated and fuzzy in the digital printing. Cold light color and shiny the brightness of the light up the dark. 

This promoted the typical color purple blue-green midsummer sheet is tasted, collocation, this also provides the beachwear and pool party pack one more choice. Gauze, manual silky, shiny fabric processing and PVC fabric woven fabrics are the deep tonal bearing material, the color application in elegant and fluent dresses, skirts and shirts will present a very good effect. 

Popular pink 

Adopted by the sweet pink light color led to a series of relevant spectra is tonal, pink will be coming back in the 2016 spring and summer. Popular style pink unexpectedly used in neutral and sportswear, this application is very novel. Pop pink seems to be mainly is girls' choice, but if this is not your target market, also don't have to be completely ruled out, because the pink also stepped into the new target market, such as women's clothing market. 

Movement gauze, denim and crisp or reflective woven fabrics will be the key to promote the emerging trend fabrics, so will avoid use girl series gauze and decorative fabrics, because the fabric will be pink girl back to the market. 

Soft skin colour

Soft skin by pastel shades are prevalent. The pink and gray color, for the smooth feeling of the summer or plain woven fabric has brought more capable of feeling. 

Soft skin color is the key of the ballet style color, suitable for basic movement knitting light clothing, sportswear and beautiful summer dress. Within the store, the tone as a color theme will be commercially attractive and can be applied on the item of elegant coat, jacket on clipping sewing based model, create the most feminine style, and is no longer limited to the teenage market. Peach and apricot or navy for summer item with bright color, although the color is more suitable for application in the outside of the spring coat, suede leather jacket, long sleeve blouse, and soft round collar sweater on. 

Scorched earth tones 

Brown instead of gray as the core of the 2015-2016 autumn winters is tonal, and will continue to continue to 2016 chun xia, warm brandy debauchery evolution as a highly commercial appeal kang earth tones. 

Nautical wind and tribal style adopts warm brown department to lay the foundation, especially prevalent in leather, knitted cardigan and fabrics in the natural process. Deep clay color to red evolution of volcanic rocks, moderate tone is extended to copper and bronze metal color. 

Cater to the trend of the environmental movement, scorched earth brown is most likely to become a summer fashion colour, tie-in cowboy series, or BieChuXinYi with pink and pastel color is tie-in, will throughout the quarter. 

Lava red 

Bright red lava present a punny effect for summer is tonal, can be used as the key light, also can be used as hot hot color is part of the earth for 2015-2016 autumn and winter orange brown mixture of brandy colour added a new idea. 

Lava red is joker, will for the first quarter in January item into eye-catching bright color series, until scorched earth color became the subject of summer beach and swimming suit. 

The collocation of red and pink has lasted for a few quarters, and will continue to be prevalent, particularly prevalent in psychedelic flowers or stripe printed design. 

The antique white 

White from the first few summer completely clean pure white to a more practical and durable rice white restoring ancient ways, the more natural tonal not complement in the process, the natural design direction, more used to flash cotton and linen fabrics, hand-woven knitting cardigan and rural wind on the lace. 

Antique white is the key of the stack build style color theme, usually used in gauze laminated, create for window display and midsummer magazine style theme from head to foot, or combined with soft skin to create a more durable light design. Looking forward to antique collocation of white and scorched earth color red and brown. 


Pink extends to the warm and coral pink and tonal, to show it as a commercially attractive tonal joker sex, can be used as a tonal collocation, can also be as bright color alone. 

As consumer desire for the pink color and there's no sign of fading, peach began in the tide of "soft" trend of pastel shades. Comply with the trend of "postmodern" capable of color of skin, of neutral grey and brown are promoted by warm peach. In summer, deep-sea coral pink to light green color is also used to balance. 

Peach is used to present early season item especially spring coat and sweater, for cold hard in the first quarter of the first few weeks of warm clothing is full of the breath of spring and vitality. 

Elegant flowers 

In season so many simple, mature and movement style after wind, spring/summer 2016 prominent theme flower printing marks a more feminine dress regression and printing in the direction of improvement. These elegant flower printed using soft pink color, more is applied to the transparent gauze and streamlined woven fabrics, made with soft, three-dimensional sense-and Bohemia style shirt and dress look like a woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood. 

Beautiful flowers printing will likely throughout the quarter, from early spring item to item summer holiday. Collocation of the profile modification of the cowboy series can create natural and pure and fresh, such as truck drivers jacket sleeve outside the floral print dress, or soft floral print shirt in jeans and cowboy divided skirts. 

Modern splicing 

Modernism has inspired the design inspiration of this season is simple, mature style, especially suit type clipping and sportswear styles. Reflect the middle of the century moderate tone pastel color collocation with unexpected bright color photograph, it is important to color trends. 

Colour combination is used to bring the result that find everything new and fresh for the core item, such as jackets, woven shirt t-shirts, pencil skirts, shirts and wide-legged pants. Piece together the design is the focus of the design promote the style, so the pastel color shoes and accessories to serve as the ornament of the overall design. 

This pure design design will shine in the early quarter sheet is tasted, as the quarterly progress will be let in complex printing, provides the Bohemian conforms to the balance of consumer demand. 

Eye-catching flowers 

2016 spring and summer fabrics show highlighting the flower printing innovation important trends of the season, especially about clean-cut flower printing, from the design evolution and restoring ancient ways of qiu dong season. 

The overall tone is composed of light and moderate tone, but vital or a black background, by the former quarters of pure color background into bright eye-catching printing contour. 

In summer dresses and shirts in the used items such as these flowers printed inject vigor and vitality to the store, and accelerate them to dress festive season and the pace of the beach. 

Bohemia printing 

Style in the 70 s after a few quarters before pushing through, will be in spring/summer 2016. Although literary fan momentum may has receded, but feminine and Bohemian flavor still exists, mix design will be used in portable cloak on comfortable summer dress and festival. 

The Bohemian printing design trends are commercial market, because the design of the systemic stack build in adult clothing is rarely seen in the profile. Improved sets divided skirts, dresses, long skirts, and wearing a cloak and shirts to update, use small size design stitching gauze and lightweight woven fabrics. Scarf, layered jewelry and tassel or embroidery detail design driving the style showed the best effect. 

The original ecological dyeing 

Former prevailing tie-dye and gradient of several summer again, and of natural and crafts fabric delicate processing to improve it. This is not so much printing trend, add Chen Jiugan than for color. 

Original ecological staining showed water patterns, application in high summer beachwear aquatic blue kind of effect is very good, but it is more suitable for cotton casual wear, jeans and jeep village style dress, full summer holiday design. Original has a certain impact on denim category, thus dyed indigo dyeing is still the key source of design. At the same time, also used to do dyeing to have administrative levels feeling of the old feeling of item, such as vest, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and add new leggings. 

Novel pinstripe 

Present, stripes again prevailed and into the fall and winter, men style pinstripe will use in the suit tailoring and casual wear. Forward to the spring and summer of 2016, pinstripe will combine the traditional suit stripes or vertical stripes to evolve, bring a suit or casual wear for fun. 

Pinstripe accelerated the pace of progress to the fashion leisure cowboy profile, mainly aimed at ecological jean skirts, jackets and dresses. Pinstripe began to enter the summer market, using the season on colour of warm pink and red, mainly is suitable for the summer cotton and gauze fabrics, rendered in classic shirt style dress, soft neutral wind shirt on profile and wide-legged trousers. Pinstripe can also be woven fabrics with patterns and flower printed collocation to create unique design style, showing the conform to the trend of the direction. 

Loop cartoon printing 

Cartoon and emoticons popular girl continue to push the printing of the market trend, medium or large size of cartoon design basis for printing with the feeling that find everything new and fresh. An oversized bring woven summer institute wind, flying shuttle embroidery design suitable separation set is the key of the present a tendency of the pattern design, such as woven T-shirt with pencil skirt or divided skirts.


Cartoon printing as the core item sets such as sweaters, t-shirts, vest, blouse or added new jogging pants, can also be used to price item, such as socks and scarf. 

Psychedelic prints 

As the dazzling, design in the autumn and winter conference in the 70 s and continue into the summer, the bright eye-catching printing theme continue into 2016 spring and summer. Abstract vortex lines design restoring ancient ways collocation bright color and a series of pink to a bright, also helps to push towards Bohemian dress and shirt category. Casual wear in the summer and holiday season approaching, the pattern is expected to advance half a quarter in April in the series. Psychedelic printed gauze will become the focus of the beach and holiday dress choice, may also be present in a swimsuit. 

Holiday stripe 

Concise and agile stripes make holiday season popular flower printed to soften and Bohemian fabric trend, classic navy wind navy and white stripe is key, especially broaden stripes. Soft tide powder color application in plain fabric for candy color adds a new idea. 

Holiday style stripes application in midsummer item, such as light and comfortable summer wide-legged pants and skirts pants tie-in dress shirt and asymmetric skirts. Stripe Polo shirt, skirt and mini skirt style brought summer girl series 60 s. 

Precursor text 

Printing and design upgrades will affect the size of the banner graphics, but they and cutting and sewing sweaters are inseparable. In previous quarters rebellious banners and social media style of slang into a simple statement or philosophical point of view, this is driven by the self-affirmation trend in social media. 

Neckline design highlights the trend towards higher neckline, round accomplish to further development, take a money from basic stack extends to character sheet is tasted, provides display platform for the local design. 

Nautical wind 

Summer trend inspired by the sea wind patterns and plant printing printing design direction, and seaweed printing coral become throughout the whole body design, and shells and starfish printing is used as decorative. 

Hand-painted lines design has also been used, and compared with fuzzy digital printing appears more fresh, especially in summer beachwear. 

Nautical wind patterns will present a highly visual impact for summer series printing & design, from a beach vacation in richer glamour swimsuit and evening wear series, in the light of the aquatic life blue and coral pink colour.